10 Great Comic Book Characters Never Used In Fox Movies

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The X-Men have begun to make their way into the MCU, as seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessso the doors are open for mutant Marvel characters who never got the chance to make their live-action debut in Fox’s x-men film series. With characters like Wolverine and Deadpool dominating the Fox franchise, not every character from the X-Men’s deep bench got a chance to shine, even many who appeared in the movies, albeit briefly.

Still, a little screen time is better than none at all, and there are plenty of x-men heroes and villains who never had the chance to appear on the big screen. Now that the MCU is able to right those wrongs, there are some iconic characters that X-Men fans should look forward to and even demand to see next.


Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister is a longtime enemy of the X-Men and an evil scientist who experiments on humans and mutants. The Mutant Geneticist has some mastery over his own genetics, granting himself virtual immortality and increased durability.

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Comic book fans know how aptly named Mr. Sinister is and how far he will go to torment Cyclops and Jean Grey. He was teased to debut in the film Gambit, but that film is no longer in the works, with the rights going to Marvel Studios.


Son of Wolverine, Daken has the same healing, retractable claws as his father. Separated at birth, Daken was told Wolverine was the one who killed his mother, and he was raised as an agent and assassin before becoming good and taking up Wolverine’s mantle himself.

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The only child (sort of) Wolverine had in the Fox franchise was X-23. Despite the years 2013 The glutton taking the character to Japan, there was no reason for him to meet and have a child with his wife Itsu.


Onslaught is the combination of Professor X and Magneto as made through the consciousness of both. With Magento’s magnetism powers and Professor X’s mental powers, Onslaught sought to create Professor X’s world of peace through Magneto’s methods of violence.

Onslaught has Omega-level powers that make him a threat to the X-Men and the world. Moviegoers got to see Xavior and Magneto working together but never with this level of power.

North Star

Foxed missed out on using a character who may be coming to the MCU in Alpha Flight member Northstar. Although he’s not the leader of Alpha Flight, what makes Northstar a great character is his impact on the LGBTQ+ community by being the first Marvel character to come out and receive a same-sex marriage.

In a team hailing from Canada, Northstar has the power of flight and super speed. Being a mutant himself, he and Alpha Flight have a friendship with the X-Men, sometimes serving as allies.


Proteus finds a victim.

Kevin MacTaggert is a mutant with omega-level powers that even he can’t contain. Proteus lived in an energy mutant research facility to prevent psionic energy from consuming him and finding a new host body.

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Freed from his cage by Magneto, Proteus is a villain who grows stronger as he gains the power to warp reality. Being experienced and having a self-harming body could have made him a likable and dangerous villain in the x-men movies.

Fire star

Firestar in his costume using his fire-based powers to fly

Debut in Spider-Man and his amazing friends alongside one of the original X-Factor members, Iceman, Firestar is a mutant who uses microwave radiation to fight crime. His radiant power allows him to control heat.

Firestorm is a proven team player with years of working with Spider-Man as well as a sometimes member of the Avengers and X-Men as well as a founding member of the New Warriors. With so much team-up history in the pages of Marvel Comics, Firestar has a lot going for it to serve as a bridge between established characters and new ones in the MCU.

The manufacturer

Reed Richards with his mask as Maker.

The true identity of The Maker’s Reed Richards can be found in the Fox franchise, but only as the hero character of Mr. Fantastic. Audiences never got to see the villainous side of Reed Richards that was shown in the comics.

From Earth-1610, Reed Richards lets his ego get to him as he kind of wants to conquer the other Earths. Rejected by Susan Storm and guilty of Dr. Doom’s death, Reed Richards went to another universe as the Thinker to gain a sense of control over his life by conquering others.

Cynthea Von Doom

Cynthia Von Doom summons Mephisto

Fox made changes to the character of Dr. Doom based on his scientific aspect and making him a selfish, power-hungry villain. In the comics, he was from Latvia and was motivated by freeing his mother Cynthea Von Doom from hell.

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Cynthea was a Gypsy witch who made a deal with Mephisto to overthrow the ruler of Latveria, binding her to hell. Death motivated Doom to learn both science and magic to rule Latvia and free his mother.


Fantastic Four Villain Annihilus

An insect-like being, Annihilus is a conqueror and destroyer who hails from the Negative Zone. His rule from the Negative Zone is represented by the cosmic rod of control that rules the wave of annihilation.

The negative zone appeared in both versions of the The Fantastic Four movies, but none included the likes of Annihilus. The Negative Zone can appear in the MCU and this time Annihilus can appear as the leader.

Franklin and Valeria Richards

Franklin and Valeria Richards, Children of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four

Franklin and Valeria Richards are Marvel’s First Family as they are the children of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four. Their eldest son is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth as he has the power to perceive the future, reshape reality, and more. Franklin would use his reality warping powers to save his baby sister Valeria from being stillborn. She would be raised in an alternate future where she gains the power of her mother’s force field and her superhuman intelligence from her now-father, Dr. Strange.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer had Reed and Sue get married early and ended the film with the announcement that she was pregnant. However, a third film was never made, which prevented the arrival of Franklin and Valeria Richards. Franklin being a powerful omega-level mutant and Valeria the Daughter of Doom doesn’t seem like something that would have happened in Fox’s The Fantastic Four universe but may have a chance to happen in the MCU.

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