10 heroes expected to come to the game in 2022

Square-Enix might have admitted that Marvel’s Avengers wasn’t the smash hit they wanted, but that didn’t stop it from selling millions of copies at launch. Combined with the game appearing for free on PlayStation and Xbox Game Pass at different times, it’s no surprise that there are still plenty of fans interested in the game.

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And support for the game hasn’t stopped, as there are supposedly more characters and content on the way. While fans eagerly await the roadmap, there are only rumors and speculation to go from. Some characters are obvious additions to the game, while others would help build a more complete Avengers roster.

ten Scarlet Witch would bring new powers to the game

Scarlet Witch Darkhold

Scarlet Witch probably should have been added last year. Wanda vision was one of Disney+’s biggest shows, as fans flocked to understand what was going on in Wanda’s life after her entire world was ruined thanks to Thanos. They can’t enjoy it now, but that doesn’t mean Wanda isn’t very popular yet. The character would bring some much-needed different powers compared to characters like Black Panther and the Hawkeye characters, which rely heavily on realistic combat. Pair her with a magical villain and already people have taken an interest in her.

9 War Machine relies on a different set of weapons from Iron Man

Iron Man war machine.

James Rhodes is Iron Man’s oldest friend and one of the Avengers who has been around for decades in the comics. The character is similar to Iron Man but instead relies on bullets and ballistic weapons rather than lasers. Iron Man is one of the Avengers’ most compelling characters, and thanks to War Machine, they can feature well-known Iron Man villains. He would also be another character that they could easily add many costumes to, between his comic book costumes and the MCU costumes.

8 Falcon would add another flying character to the game


That’s right, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s no Falcon right now. Sam Wilson took over the role of Steve Rogers as Captain America. But in Marvel’s AvengersSteve Rogers is still the main Captain America, which leaves room for Sam to come in and add another flier to the group.

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More likely than not, it would look like the MCU’s Falcon, which is heavily tech-based and has a variety of long-range weaponry. But hopefully there would be at least one decent comic book version of the character.

seven Hulkling has great powers and ties to Kree history

Marvel’s Avengers has already started featuring members of the Young Avengers with Kate Bishop being part of the roster. Why not add more to the group with Hulkling? He’s a unique character who looks like the Hulk but changes shape rather than just fighting with raw raw strength. Considering they hinted that the Kree were the main story, having the Hulkling appear near the end to give the Avengers some power in greater society seems like a solid idea.

6 Shang-Chi has the ability to increase the utility of melee characters

Shang Chi is one of Marvel’s recent hits, one of the Phase Four films that fans have really enjoyed due to its uniqueness. It’s hard to think of many characters that would fit better into Marvel’s Avengers’ excellent combat system, as Shang Chi’s martial arts style would work perfectly for defeating AIM enemies everywhere. The bigger question would be if they would increase melee damage so that whatever his long range damage does doesn’t match up and he doesn’t become another character who is better off fighting from a distance.

5 Speed ​​would add a super fast character to the game

wonder of speed

Another member of the Young Avengers, Speed ​​is Wiccan’s brother and one of Scarlet Witch’s sons. Speed ​​offers something the game desperately needs: a speedster. The ability to quickly traverse maps and attack enemies in slow motion would be another type of combat to continue to spice up the game. It would also continue to balance experienced heroes with those new to the game, giving a generational feel to the universe.

4 Wiccan could help add magical powers to the game

Wiccan is another character that could be added to complement the rest of the Young Avengers besides Stature and Patriot. Billy Kaplan is a mutant with the ability to alter reality based on the spells he uses. Not only would this introduce mutants into Marvel’s Avengers, but it would give the Hulkling his boyfriend.

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The two could be featured at the same time as a way to help fight Kang the Conqueror, a villain they both have a major history with as an earlier version of the character was actually Iron Lad, one of their best friends. .

3 Vision can pass through robots to short circuit them

Every Young Avenger Ever, Ranked

If there has to be Scarlet Witch, there has to be Vision. Ideally, the two would date or not be that far apart. Vision’s power set is unique in that he has a wide variety of abilities that would be fun to implement in a universe like this. He has the ability to alter his density, which can cause him to pass through some of the enemies in the game to short circuit them. He can also get hard as a diamond to knock out some of the more human opponents. Vision’s introduction would ideally come with him facing Ultron.

2 Captain Marvel is a major character in the MCU

Captain Marvel flying in the sky.

Captain Marvel is one of the characters rumored to be added to the game in 2022. She’s supposed to be similar to Black Panther, in that her story is a major expansion for the title like War for Wakanda. This is supposed to end the story against the Kree, which in theory could be the end of the Marvel’s Avengers Title. But what fans probably want more is to wield a character as powerful as Captain Marvel has been established: flight, super-strength, and energy projection essentially make him another Thor, a character who is the most strength of the universe.

1 She-Hulk is the most likely character to be added


She-Hulk is one of the characters most likely to be added to Marvel’s Avengers. There are already rumors about the actress who will voice it, leaked by Miller, a person known for the game’s data mining. She’s apparently going to be one of the first people added to the game after Spider-Man, and there are a lot of things they can do differently with her than the Hulk. Unlike the Hulk, She-Hulk isn’t a raw character at all, despite her super strength. She can fight a bit more strategically and use her strength to her advantage to deal big damage. The real question is which villain will they use with her. Titania is her usual big bad, but rumor is leaning towards them using her to add Red Hulk.

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