10 Marvel Heroes Who Don’t Make Their Own Costumes

Marvel’s heroes have a lot to offer and many have a great sense of style. While heroes like Spider-Man and the Wasp are known for designing and making their own costumes, sewing them from scratch, not all heroes have this skill. Superhero costumes can be complex, and most heroes don’t have the skills to make them themselves.

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From chainmail to leatherwork to intricate designs, superhero costumes take a lot of work. The heroes get their costumes from various sources. This becomes a bigger issue for some more than others, as their adventures lead them to go through costumes as if they were going out of style.

ten Hulk definitely doesn’t make his own costumes

When it comes to costumes, the Hulk usually wears the tattered clothes he wore when he transformed. However, there have been times when he dons a costume or at least non-shredded clothes. From Joe Fixit’s bespoke suits to Professor Hulk’s jumpsuits to shorts made of unstable molecules, there’s no way the Hulk is making any of these himself.

Bruce Banner is a great scientist, but he’s not a tailor. He’s been known to buy multiple copies of the same suit, so he doesn’t have to think about what to wear. Making clothes of any kind is out of the question for him. While he helped build most of the components for his current Starship Hulk look, he didn’t sew the suit, so this one’s a wash.

9 Doctor Strange doesn’t have the manual dexterity to make costumes

Doctor Strange was once an incredible surgeon, his hands capable of doing incredible things. It all ended in a terrible car accident, which became the catalyst that led him to study magic. After becoming Sorcerer Supreme, he put on a costume, but he probably didn’t do it himself. If he couldn’t operate with his injured hands, he probably couldn’t sew.

Many aspects of Doctor Strange’s costume were passed down to him when he became Sorcerer Supreme. The origin of his tunic and pants was certainly more mundane than that, but perhaps the closest to his making was using magic to alter existing clothes.

8 Agent Anti-Venom’s costume is alive

Agent Anti-Venom is Flash Thompson, a man who bullied Spider-Man as a teenager. After Thompson lost his legs in Iraq, the government gave him the Venom symbiote, turning him into Agent Venom. Thompson eventually lost this symbiote and died.

Subsequently, Flash Thompson was resurrected and given a new symbiote after the war against Knull, which was based on the old Anti-Venom symbiote. A symbiote of Klyntar, Agent Anti-Venom was a living being. Flash did not succeed at all. His mental connection to him may have given the costume its shape, but it’s what he’s come closest to making the costume.

seven USAgent received every suit he’s ever worn

Johnny Walker took over from Captain America for a short time and was given the Captain America costume by the government. After Steve Rogers returned and beat him in battle, Walker resumed his hero work as a U.S. Agent, wearing the costume Rogers wore when he beat him.

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Walker has had several suits since then, but he’s never done just one. He often received his costumes from the government or other heroes. Even Walker’s latest costume was given to him so he could fulfill his role as Captain America’s slightly looser replacement.

6 Human Torch gets its costumes from Reed Richards

Human Torch has been a hero since a young age and has faced tough foes both alone and with the Fantastic Four. Resident hothead of the group, literally and figuratively, he doesn’t really have the patience to make his own costumes. He also lacks the necessary skills, as his powers would burn through anything he created.

The Human Torch costume features unstable molecules, courtesy of Reed Richards. Richards owns a company that makes costumes from the materials and services needed by almost every hero, so Human Torch simply gets their costumes from Reed.

5 Namor does not need to sew

Namor is the strongest aquatic superhero in comics, and he makes sure everyone knows it. The monarch of Atlantis is renowned for his arrogant and haughty nature. Namor certainly doesn’t make his own costumes and doesn’t need to. As ruler of his own kingdom, he has people to do it for him.

Beyond that, Namor isn’t one to sit patiently and sew. He is a king of the greatest Earth Kingdom and the seam is below him. If it came down to that, Namor would rather flaunt a battle-damaged uniform than make his own costume.

4 Wolverine probably knows how to sew but not enough to make his costumes

Wolverine is the best at what he does. He is a man of many talents and it is conceivable that during his long life he learned to sew. However, if he found out, it was probably while he was working in the Canadian wilderness as a lumberjack. He certainly can’t use a sewing machine or create costumes as intricate as the one he sports now.

Logan’s first Wolverine costume was given to him by Department H. Later costumes came while he was an X-Men and were almost certainly from Reed Richards’ company. At the very least, he may have chosen the colors, but that’s not the same as creating the costume from scratch.

3 Venom’s Symbiote Changed When He Joined Eddie Brock

Venom has been around for a long time, and its symbiote existed long before Eddie Brock knew it existed. Spider-Man found the suit on Battleworld and wore it until he discovered he was alive, getting rid of the sound waves of church bells. He bonded with Brock soon after, as he and the suit had grudges against Spider-Man.

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Venom would eventually become a hero, but he certainly didn’t create the Klyntar symbiote he carries. In fact, he didn’t even change his appearance when he bonded with him. It’s just bulkier than it was when Spider-Man wore it, and it featured a mouth.

2 Thor definitely didn’t make his own costume

Thor has faced the most dangerous foes in the Nine Realms. He has a multitude of skills and powers, but costume making is not one of them. Thor is a prince of Asgard and has been known for his arrogance for years. He certainly wasn’t making his own clothes back then. He’s changed his costume several times since he’s been on Earth, but he hasn’t either.

Thor costumes always incorporate several materials that require a lot of knowledge to make. His helmet, for example, would require him to be a master of the blacksmith trade, as would other metal parts of his costumes over the years. Thor is a warrior, not a tailor.

1 Captain America received his costumes from others

Captain America is the most inspiring hero on Earth. Growing up during the Great Depression, it’s easy to imagine that Steve Rogers learned to sew. However, his costume would be too much for him to do. For starters, there’s the electronic scale. Doing scale mail is a specialized skill, and it wasn’t common in Depression-era New York.

Steve received his first army suit. Since then, he’s obtained it from a variety of sources, including SHIELD, the Wasp, and Reed Richards’ Unstable Molecule Society. Even Iron Man made costumes for him. Cap would happily make his own costume if he could, but he just doesn’t have the time or the expertise.

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