10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters The Hulk Defeated In A Fight

With his recent appearance in She-Hulk, the emerald monster took on a slightly softer image. However, Hulk hard-heads can’t help but remember all the times the big green guy got off his leash and defeated some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

From magical wizards like Doctor Strange to entire teams like The Avengers, almost nothing can get in the way of the Hulk when he’s unleashed. Although he beat the best of the best, only his biggest victories left readers stunned by the power of Bruce Banner’s alter ego.


ten strange doctor

The Sorcerer Supreme’s somewhat stuck-up attitude had always rubbed the Hulk the wrong way, and he never missed an opportunity to put the good doctor in his place when they came face to face. After surviving his banishment at the hands of the Illuminati, a naturally angry Hulk vowed to bring the entire group down.

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Naturally, with Strange as one of the ringleaders in banishing the Hulk, he was one of his main targets and was beaten epically for his troubles. Although he possesses nearly limitless magical abilities, it was his morals that cost him in the end, and one mistake was enough for the Hulk to annihilate him.

9 The Juggernaut

The mighty non-mutant x-men The Juggernaut character was one of the few Marvel regulars to give the Hulk a run for his money almost every time they faced off, but he never quite defeated the green brute. While most of their fights ended in draws or were hampered by other characters, Hulk’s proudest moment against Cain Marko showed he was the stronger force.

During world war hulk, Banner’s alter-ego did something once thought impossible: he resisted Juggernaut’s accusation and actually arrested him. Theoretically impossible due to his magically enhanced abilities, Hulk has shown that no force in the universe is ever enough to vex him.

8 Gladiator

The Strontian superman known as Gladiator is one of the most powerful superheroes of all time, but that didn’t stop the Hulk from teaching him a lesson. While they were closely equal in power and skill, the Hulk’s showdown with the planet-shattering alien saw Earth’s Mightiest Warrior prevail.

As seen in the 1997 Hulk Annual Issue, even Gladiator’s upper eye beams couldn’t stop the Hulk, and they came back to bite him. Strontians may be fueled by a strong belief in their own abilities, but Hulk is fueled by a much more incredible force – his rage.

seven Thor

Debuting the same year, Asgard’s favorite son Thor and Hulk have had their fair share of feuds in the comics. Although the Asgardian is a god, the Hulk has never been intimidated by his power or the mighty Mjölnir hammer he wields.

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As we saw very recently in the banner of war scenario in both Pontoon and Thor comics, the Hulk’s sheer rage is still enough to defeat the power of Asgard. Their battles usually ended in stalemates, but the terrifying Immortal Hulkthe incarnation came very close to actually killing Thor in both of their encounters.

6 The Avengers

Possibly the greatest love-hate relationship in comic book history, Hulk and his teammates in The Avengers have rarely been in agreement and often come to blows. Whenever the Hulk goes on one of his signature rampages, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are usually the first dispatched to bring him down.

world war hulk saw the Emerald Giant fight his way through multiple squads of Avengers, and even his “defeat” by the team in Immortal Hulk came when they deployed an ultimate doomsday weapon that wiped out an entire city. Hulk is such a formidable foe that the Avengers are willing to compromise their morals in an attempt to defeat him.

5 black bolt

Able to level entire worlds with the power of his voice, the Inhuman known as Black Bolt suddenly found himself silenced by the Hulk’s overwhelming rage. Although there have been many powerful variations of Black Bolt in the comics, the confrontation between the two ended in a shocking defeat for the hero.

Hulk used no tricks in world war hulk, but he was empowered by his quest for revenge and simply let Bolt use his Death Scream on him before smashing him to a pulp. Being a member of the Illuminati meant the Hulk had no love for the Inhuman and was particularly ruthless when defeating him.

4 Assault

The 1990s were a weird decade for Marvel Comics, and The X-Men the line usually housed some weird stories. Onslaught was created through the fusion of Professor X and Magneto, and their combined might was nearly unstoppable.

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It was almost unstoppable because when the strange fusion met the Hulk, she finally met her match. With the help of Jean Grey, Hulk shut down his Banner side and became an unstoppable being of pure rage. Despite their power, the Hulk’s unfiltered gamma hatred quickly put Onslaught on the line.

3 Sentinel

The Marvel Universe has many characters like Superman, but one of the strongest is the meta-human known as Sentry. Drawing his incredible power from the sun itself, Sentry was the last line of defense to protect the world against the Hulk’s hatred in world war hulk, and he succeeded by failing.

Although neither character had technically defeated the other, their fight ended when each had their power fully expended, and they reverted to their human forms. For a being as powerful as Sentry, Hulk taking him to a draw is a big win in the big green guy’s column.

2 Abomination

The Hulk has had his fair share of arch-enemies over the years, and Emil Blonsky’s terrible alter ego Abomination can match the Hulk pound-for-pound. The former Russian agent turned gamma monster actually possesses more strength than his verdant counterpart but lacks the rage that powers the Hulk.

They’ve dodged it countless times, even going back to the Tales to Astonish days of the 1960s. Hulk usually always comes out on top because Blonsky, while smart, lacks the unstoppable anger that emboldens Hulk.

1 red hulk

After years of hunting down his greatest enemy, General Thunderbolt Ross has finally taken the biggest step in his quest and become the monster he hated the most. The dangerous Red Hulk has always been Hulk’s deadliest enemy, as he was just as powerful and actually had the ability to sap his gamma powers.

Their confrontations went both ways, but the Hulk always triumphs in the end because he possesses the rage factor that no other gamma creature can harness. Failing in his quest to defeat the Hulk once and for all, Red Hulk became a hero himself and took his losses as a chance to do some good in the world.

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