10 most powerful versions of Sandman in Marvel Comics

The latest trailer for Spider-Man: No Path Home confirmed the return of the Sandman. This version of the classic Spider-Man villain first appeared in Spider-Man 3 and was played by Thomas Haden Church. It’s likely that other versions of Sandman exist in the MCU multiverse, and some of them could be based on the more powerful iterations of the Marvel Comics character.

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For every version of Spider-Man across the infinite multiverse of the comics, there appears to be a version of Sandman as well. Some variations of the villain are more powerful than others, and a few of them blur the line between hero and villain as the character often does in comics and other media.

ten Sand manatee

Sinister Swine's attacks in the Spider-Ham comics.

One of the most powerful – and funniest – versions of Sandman in the comics is the Sandmanatee. This version of the character, from Earth-8311, the world of Spider-Ham, shares all of the powers and abilities of the main universe Flint Marko. He is able to transform his body into loose sand, allowing him to move on surfaces almost like water.

The Sandmanatee uses his incredible abilities as a member of the Swinester Six, teaming up against Spider-Ham in the comics and potentially beyond in future animation sequels. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse movie.

9 Renew your vows

Sandman attacks Spider-Man in the Renew Your Vows comic.

Sandman is one of the most powerful members of the Sinister Six in many universes, and the reality of the Renew your vows the scenario is no exception. The Sandman of this alternate future has the same powers and abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart, including the ability to form melee weapons with his fists.

Sandman can manipulate his density from soft sand to virtual concrete, and in this story he created maces and axes with his fists that he ended up using against some of his own peers on the Sinister Six, helping Spider-Man. .


8 Marvel Black

The Sandman attacks in the Spider-Man Noir comics.

The Marvel Noir Reality Sandman differs from his other versions. Unlike most variations of the Sandman, it cannot turn into sand or manipulate the substance. Instead, he is able to alter his own internal physiology. He is able to transform his bones and skin into solid granite, which he uses with violence against his enemies.

This version of Sandman was virtually invulnerable, impervious to most forms of attack, as Earth-90214 Spiderman discovered. He could be shot, but only in huge amounts at a time.

7 The Android Sandman

The Android Sandman attacks the Fantastic Four in Marvel Comics.

One of the most powerful versions of Sandman in the comics is actually an Android impostor who first appeared in The Fantastic Four # 100. This version of the character seemed to have the same power as the real version, with the added bonus of being a very advanced robot created by The Mad Thinker, one of the most powerful villains in the Fantastic Four.

Although he was neutralized by Crystal during battle with other members of the Frightful Four, the android Sandman likely had improved base strength, stamina, and reflexes compared to the human version.

6 Alien sand man

The Alien Sandman attacks in Marvel Comics.

Although this alien version of Sandman was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Journey into the mystery # 70 in 1961, it does not appear to be connected to the rest of Earth-616. Even so, the alien version is very powerful, able to impersonate any human it meets. He is also invulnerable to most forms of conventional attacks.

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Seeking to conquer the entire world, alien Sandman is ultimately defeated through a shockingly simple method. A young boy throws a bucket of water at him, preventing him from using his powers.

5 House of M

Sandman attacks Wolverine in the House Of M.

House of M was one of the comics that inspired WandaVision and this is the source of many powerful variations in Marvel Comics. In this reality, modified by the Scarlet Witch, Sandman appears to have the same basic powers as the other versions of the character. But he seems more brutal and willing to use them, making it one of the most dangerous iterations in comics.

A good example of this is his battle with Wolverine. Sandman literally excites him, blasting Logan so much that he’s driven mad by the devastating attack. Sandman’s cruelty in this reality is unique.

4 Ultimate Sand Man

Ultimate Sandman attacks in Marvel Comics.

The Earth-1610 version of Sandman from Marvel Comics has most of the same abilities as Earth-616, but it can turn to sand at the molecular level. He is able to change his physiology to exist as pure sand, instead of just incorporating it into his person.

Because of this, the Ultimate Sandman can move in a way that some others cannot. It can sink through cracks or turn into a tidal wave of sand, which the film version adopted in both the Raimi trilogy and No way home.

3 Marvel zombies

Zombie Sandman attacks the Red Skull in Marvel Comics.

The Sandman of Earth-91126, the Marvel Zombies universe, is one of the most powerful of all. Not only does he have his standard powers and abilities, but he also has Wolverine’s Healing Factor, thanks to taking a vaccine derived from Logan’s mutant blood.

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Sandman was one of the few characters in the zombie apocalypse to survive unscathed. He became one of the most powerful weapons against zombies after Spider-Man also injected nano-bots into his blood, making him essentially impervious to zombie bites.

2 1602 sandman

The 1602 Sandman oversees a shipwreck in Marvel Comics.

The sandman of 1602 alternate reality seems to share some powers and abilities with Morpheus, the star of The sand man DC Comics series also written by Neil Gaiman. This Sandman is able to create dreams and nightmares, and can also put people to sleep by blowing sand on it.

It’s a great allusion to Gaiman’s other famous Sandman, a resemblance emphasized in the character’s look. This Sandman has pale white skin and at one point black eyes, just like Morpheus.

1 Nowhere Sandman

Nowhere does Sandman attack Jimmy Jupiter in Marvel Mystery Comics 41.

Perhaps the most powerful version of The Sandman in Marvel Comics is almost identical to the DC Comics version, although it predates Morpheus and the Marvel Universe proper. This version of the character rules the land of dreams and is the source of all dreams in the world, much like the Sandman of myth and legend.

He creates dreams by placing a blanket over his kingdom every night. The Sandman of Nowhere appears in Marvel Mystery Comics # 41 from 1943, in a comic that also features stories about Namor and the original Human Torch.

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