10 Movies That Prove 2011 Was The Most Influential Year For Action Movies Of The Decade

The past decade has seen acting in movies progress at an exponential rate. But even though it’s been over a decade since 2011, that year there was a huge amount of game-changing action movies that still hold up today. It could easily be argued that this was the best year for action movies of all time, or at the very least, of the 21st century.

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From CGI monkeys destroying the Golden Gate Bridge to Tom Cruise scaling the tallest building in the world, 2011 is full of treasured action movies. And whether these movies are trending or still better than movies released in 2022, they’re landmarks in the genre for many different reasons.


Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

While the show is a huge billion dollar franchise right now and audiences will be turning out in droves to see the next wild batch of Tom Cruise’s death-defying stunts, the franchise was on a downward trajectory until that Ghost protocol. While mission: impossible 2 was financially successful, he was seriously injured and, although Mission: Impossible 3 was positively received, it had a disappointing performance at the box office.

Corn Ghost protocol was the movie that shot Impossible mission in the so-called franchise today. Although previous films mostly featured Cruise running and made heavy use of CGI, Ghost protocol is full of thrilling stunts and had some of the best uses for practical effects. Whether climbing the tallest skyscraper in the world or battling sandstorms, the fourth MID The film is one of the most entertaining blockbusters of all time.

X-Men: First Class

Magneto ends the Missile Crisis in X-Men First Class.

Just like with the Impossible mission series, the x-men The series had seen much better days than in the late 2000s. 20th Century Fox released two duds in a row, X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so the franchise needed a huge comeback. And that’s exactly what happened with First classwhich was a refreshing take on mutants.

First class completely rebuilt the series from the ground up. And while the movie lousy answers a question no one asked, which is how Professor X and Magneto got their names, the movie is a largely loving and captivating superhero flick. It also does what few superhero movies have managed, which is the spinoff of two almighty beings and what that could mean for the world.


Iko Uwais in The Raid

Corn John Wick popularized gun-fu and influenced all of Hollywood with it, it was the 2011 Indonesian thriller that did it first. Lowering is action-packed as it sees a cop well-versed in martial arts smash his way through a gang-controlled high-rise building.

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The film is brutal and full of bloodshed, but above all, the stunt work is so smooth and breathtaking that it even puts the John Wick films to shame. An equally thrilling sequel came out in 2014, which took the world by storm, and fans are dying to see a third movie too. Sadly, that seems unlikely, but a Hollywood remake is in development by Michael Bay.

Fast Five

Dom and Brian on a car in Fast Five.

Although some might ignore the fast furious franchise to be nothing more than a street racing popcorn movie, Fast Five marked a huge transition in the series. While the films were known for appealing to adrenaline junkies and boy runners, the 2011 film elevated the series into a high-octane action franchise full of huge set pieces, and it’s one of the best heist movies of all time.

After Fast Five, each consecutive release attempted to surpass the previous one in terms of set pieces and action sequences, becoming more and more unrealistic. But none of them struck a more perfect balance between being fairly grounded, having a compelling and cohesive narrative, and being endlessly entertaining than the fifth film.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The chase sequence in Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

The studios are often criticized for turning a beloved non-action series into an adrenaline-packed action flick. The most obvious examples are recent star trek movies. Although popular with the general public, they are dismissed by the show’s most die-hard fans for being so action-oriented. 2009 sherlock holmes could have suffered the same problem, as the series was never led by his action.

However, the Guy Ritchie-directed film was full of it, and its sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows doubled over. But the movie deserves credit for doing so well because it was able to turn the iconic character into something of an action hero. And Ritchie turned the detective’s most famous story, “The Final Problem,” into a meticulously planned action-adventure while maintaining its mystery and engaging clue-solving hijinks.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Leave it to Steven Spielberg to make the most effective motion capture movie with one of the best uses of 3D yet. The Adventures of Tintin is such a sleepy movie, and it features some of Spielberg’s greatest action sequences of all time, including swashbuckling pirate scenes that put Pirates of the Caribbean to shame.

The Adventures of Tintin is the first Hollywood adaptation of the beloved comic book series, and it could have been the start of an incredible adventure franchise similar to the IndianaJones movies. And while a sequel has been planned, it unfortunately remains in development hell. However, according to ThingSpielberg exclaimed that “Tintin is not dead!”

Captain America: The First Avenger

captain america first avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger is so unique in the superhero movie landscape because it’s not just an action movie, but also a period war drama. The mix of these genres results in some of the most thrilling action sequences in the MCU, mixing WWII-era artillery and espionage with superpowers.

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The time period setting also proved that movies in a cinematic universe didn’t particularly need to be released in chronological order either. This led to several other great period superhero films, such as Captain Marvel, wonder womanand Joker. And while wonder woman is more creative with the period, it was The First Avenger which paved the way for the success of the DC movie.

The green hornet

Britt and Kato walk through an alley in The Green Hornet

The green hornet may not have had a positive reception when it first came out, and that mostly comes down to Britt Reid being completely miscast and being too full of jokes that audiences would find in a stoner comedy. However, when it comes to the action, there’s no denying how creative the sets are.

With visionary filmmaker Michel Gondry behind the camera, inventive cinema is one of the The green hornet is underestimated. The film is made up of hands-on action sequences that all take place behind closed doors, not to mention martial arts and the Batmobile-lite, the Black Beauty, which create some incredibly exciting moments.

The mecanic

But while the game’s film adaptations have been insulting from a fan perspective, The mecanic fills this void with a decent Hitman movie. And that’s an understatement, because the assassinations in the film are so inventive and thrilling.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Andy Serkis as Caesar in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

No one ever waited The Ascension of the Planet of the Apes be as good as it is, because the jumping and talking CGI-rendered monkeys were surely doomed. However, the result was amazing, because not only do the monkeys look like the real thing, but the story is totally believable and it’s impossible not to sympathize with the mammals.

And although the action expanded with the monkeys in later films, To get up does such a good job of making the interaction between the CGI monkeys and the real world so realistic. Until Planet of the Apes series goes, the 2011 film is every bit as groundbreaking as the 1968 original, both in terms of storytelling and action.

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