10 strongest DC heroes who can’t beat Ultron, ranked

There are very few Marvel villains deadlier than Ultron. Created by Avenger Hank Pym, Ultron has one goal and that is the complete destruction of all organic life on Earth. To accomplish this, Ultron turned him into a killing machine – he’s immensely strong, armed with multiple weapons, and has an almost indestructible adamantium shell.

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Ultron is a challenge for the most powerful Marvel heroes, but how would things be different for Ultron in the DC Universe? DC is home to some of the strongest heroes in comics, but even the Justice League would be hard pressed to beat Ultron for good.

ten Zatanna is powerful, but vulnerable

Zatanna is one of the main users of magic in the DC Universe. She has achieved incredible things with her powers and although she is best known for dealing with magical threats, her time as a member of the Justice League has seen her take on all kinds of enemies. She’s fought androids in the past, but none like Ultron.

The problem is, Zatanna is powerful, but she’s still human. It would take work for his magic to affect Ultron and by the time that happens, he would have already killed her with a blast of energy. Zatanna couldn’t resist more than one attack from Ultron, which is going to be a problem.

9 Raven wouldn’t be able to hurt Ultron until he reached him

The crow comes out of hell

Raven is one of the most powerful members of the Teen Titans. She’s made a big difference in their fights over the years, but she’s not unstoppable. There have been a lot of enemies who have managed to defeat her and as good as she is, she has never faced someone like Ultron before. Unfortunately for Raven, he faced off against the Scarlet Witch and survived.

As usual, it all comes down to breaking through her adamantium shell before she can take Raven down and that just isn’t possible for her. She would give him anything, but there’s no way Raven alone would stand a chance against Ultron.

8 Starfire would try to fight him one-on-one and lose

Starfire has great powers. Her Star Shards are awesome, she can fly, and she’s super strong and durable. On top of all that, she is an extremely well-trained warrior. She’s used to taking on her enemies one-on-one, which would be a huge problem against Ultron. Starfire would try to rush him, which would end very badly for her.

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Starfire would be of great help against Ultron in a team situation, but on her own doesn’t stand a chance. It is not strong enough to hurt him and its star shards cannot penetrate its outer shell. Starfire’s warrior spirit would work against her, as she doesn’t have what it takes to stay with Ultron for long.

7 Donna Troy would fall to Ultron

Donna Troy from Prime Earth

Donna Troy was the first Wonder Girl and she more than lives up to her name. She’s strong, quick, and durable, as well as being a well-trained fighter. She’s not the type to be taken lightly, but that won’t help her much against Ultron. Ultron went hand in hand with Thor. Donna is good, but she just isn’t at this level when it comes to potency.

Ultron would be able to ignore Donna’s offense, which would make all the difference for him. While he’s probably not much stronger than Donna, Ultron’s combination of relentless assault, impenetrable shells, and other weapons will give him victory.

6 Conner Kent is too impulsive to beat Ultron

Conner Kent brought the Superboy coat into the present. He’s a tough fighter and while not as powerful as Superman, he catches up with absolute tenacity. Conner is known for his bullish style of doing things. He continues to attack his opponent until he falls or does so. This is a problem against Ultron.

While he’s almost certainly stronger than Ultron, the android will scan him the entire time they are fighting. This will give Ultron the information he needs to take Conner down and he will profit from it. Conner is good, but he’s not the type to think his way. He won’t be able to stop Ultron from exploiting his weaknesses.

5 Big Barda will hurt Ultron, but she won’t be able to beat him

Big Barda is one of the strongest Female Furies and one of the most dangerous women in the Multiverse. She is a strong and skilled fighter who has faced some of the most formidable beings in the world. She won’t be intimidated by Ultron at all and she’s definitely stronger than him, especially with her Mega-Rod. Barda will certainly make a good impression on Ultron.

The problem is, the impression won’t matter much. Big Barda won’t be able to damage it in any way beyond the surface and the entire time they are fighting Ultron will be working on a way to have it. It will take him a bit, but Ultron will end up victorious.

4 Orion’s warlike tendencies will be his downfall

orion dc

Orion is one of the more powerful New Gods, but that won’t help him much against Ultron. If Conner Kent is too eager to win, Orion is certainly not going to triumph. Orion is much stronger than Ultron, but he is not known for his intelligence. This is a problem against Ultron, as beating him takes a lot more than brute force.

Orion is all Brute force. He’s used to being able to pounce on each enemy repeatedly until they fall. This strategy will not work against Ultron. Ultron has faced fierce gods before, and they fall in front of him as easily as any other being.

3 Hal Jordan isn’t smart enough to beat Ultron

Hal Jordan is one of the greatest Green Lanterns in the universe and he should be able to defeat Ultron. His ring gives him a wide range of options, but the problem is, Hal just isn’t very smart. He’s not going to try to do something like attack Ultron from within; it will try to crush it as if it were any other android, which will not work.

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All the while, Ultron will analyze the ring’s energy signature and figure out how to counter his attacks. Ultron is adaptable and his mind is extremely fast. The moment Hal realizes his mistakes, Ultron will bring him down.

2 Martian Manhunter’s weakness is too easily exploited

Martian Manhunter has a variety of formidable powers, but he has one rather mundane weakness: fire. Ultron’s sensors are very good and he will quickly realize how vulnerable Martian Manhunter is to the flames. Once he does, the fight is pretty much over. If Martian Manhunter didn’t have a weakness to shoot, he would roll over Ultron. This vulnerability will spell the end of his fight. Martian Mahunter is a great hero, but Ultron is known to make the weaknesses of his enemies his strengths.

1 Wonder Woman doesn’t have the right powers to defeat Ultron

Wonder Woman Evolution

Wonder Woman is one of the toughest heroes in the DC Universe. On a level playing field, she can beat just about anyone and is one of the most important members of the Justice League. She made the difference in many battles against the most powerful enemies. Wonder Woman is easily stronger than Ultron and much more skilled, but she won’t be able to take advantage of her strengths.

Wonder Woman can beat Ultron, but she doesn’t have the right powers to break through Ultron’s shell. Ultimately, Ultron’s attacks will wreak havoc on him. She will hold her against him for a while, but she will lose anyway.

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