10 strongest Marvel characters beat Hawkeye in the comics

Hawkeye has toured the Marvel Universe. Beginning his career as a villainous fighter Iron Man at the behest of Black Widow, he would eventually join the Avengers and become one of Marvel’s greatest heroes. While some underestimate him due to his reliance on one of mankind’s oldest weapons, Hawkeye is a force to be reckoned with.

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As an Avenger, Hawkeye took part in some of the fiercest battles in Marvel history. He has been in several fights and helped the team achieve some of their more difficult victories. Hawkeye is the best of the best and has proven it time and time again.

ten Hawkeye took down numerous overpowered Skrulls in a covert invasion

The Avengers fight the Super-Skrulls during the Secret Invasion

Secret invasion saw the Skrulls at their most powerful. They finally mastered the art of empowering themselves and attacking Earth, posing as heroes and using their powers to conquer the planet. Hawkeye was going through Ronin at the time. While trapped in the Savage Land with the other Avengers for most of the conflict, he largely made up for it when he finally joined the battle. Using a bow and arrow stolen from a Skrull Hawkeye, he killed many overpowered Skrulls. Hawkeye is an expert in great battles and has used it to his advantage.

9 Count Nefaria challenged Hawkeye and the Avengers like few others

The Maggia are the overpowered mafia of the Marvel Universe. The various families are quite strong, but the most formidable was the Nefaria family – thanks in large part to Count Nefaria. Nefaria was powered by ionic energy, giving him a wide variety of powers that allowed him to take on the Avengers on his own.

Hawkeye has fought Nefaria alongside the Avengers on several occasions. Although he and his team were pretty roughed up in these battles, they still managed to achieve victory. Hawkeye couldn’t compete with Nefaria on his own, but he knew when to pick his spots and get licked.

8 Loki and Hawkeye got tangled up in the past

What if n ° 47 cover detail

Loki is one of the Avengers’ greatest enemies. He has fought the team almost as much as he has meddled with Thor and is even responsible for forming the team. Loki’s magic and cunning make him really dangerous. Loki has dealt with powerful enemies his entire life, so he’s always ready for the Avengers.

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Loki doesn’t have a lot of respect for anyone, especially Hawkeye. That doesn’t mean he underestimates the archer though. While he doesn’t have much to fear from a bow and arrow, he knows how devastating Hawkeye can be, having learned the hard way in previous battles.

seven Kang the Conqueror realizes how difficult Hawkeye can be

Kang the Conqueror’s entire life is spent defeating the Avengers. He has gone back to the past to prove that he is better than them and has faced the team in many different forms. Kang has a reluctant respect for the Avengers; he has heard about their exploits for years and knows what they are capable of. Hawkeye might not be the most powerful Avenger, but Kang knows better than to underestimate him.

He learned this to his detriment when he transported Hawkeye and several Avengers to the Old West. Hawkeye met his cowboy heroes and they helped him beat Kang. Beyond that, Hawkeye has helped fight the Conqueror on several occasions and always made a difference.

6 Doctor Doom doesn’t respect Hawkeye, but that doesn’t change the facts

Doctor Doom is best known for battling the Fantastic Four, but he’s also fought just about every major hero or group in the Marvel Universe. His armor is one of the most formidable on the planet and he has faced the Avengers on several occasions.

The stronger the enemy, the harder it is for Hawkeye to tell the difference in battle. That doesn’t stop him from trying, and while Doom doesn’t respect Hawkeye, he knows better than to play with him. He doesn’t have eye protection and Hawkeye is an incredible shot.

5 Hawkeye has fought the void more than once

The Sentinel of the Void Robert Reynolds

The Sentry is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. The problem is, its dark side, the Void, is just as dreadful and has no morals. The Void has attacked the Marvel Universe more than once and Hawkeye has been there to help. The Void is a tall order that puts all heads on the bridge to beat. Hawkeye can’t make much difference against the Void, but he always tries and is always there when the heroes win.

4 Scarlet Witch has fought Hawkeye multiple times

Magneto's Scarlet Witch Resurrection Trial

Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful Avengers. Her problems have led her to fight the team on several occasions. She and Hawkeye have a complicated relationship as they joined the Avengers and worked together for a long time. Sadly, Scarlet Witch was responsible for Hawkeye’s death. She may have resuscitated him, but it took a while for their relationship to heal. Hawkeye has been in many battles against Scarlet Witch, both on the Avengers and on the West Coast of the Avengers. The team won all of those battles and Hawkeye was here to end all but one.

3 Hawkeye and the Avengers triumphed over Korvac

Korvac and if 1

Of all the godly villains the Avengers have faced, Korvac is one of the few to totally dominate the team. He slaughtered the Avengers and the 30th century Guardians of the Galaxy, completely outclassing them both. The power of Korvac is simply amazing.

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Hawkeye did his best, but Korvac even made short work of Thor. The Avengers’ victory over Korvac had little to do with their power or skills, as he resurrected them instead of letting them die. This gave the Avengers the chance to defeat the villain, but Hawkeye never forgot how easily he was destroyed by Korvac.

2 Hawkeye knows how to fight Ultron

Age of Ultron

Ultron is one of the Avengers’ greatest enemies. His hatred of humanity comes from his treatment at the hands of Hank Pym. This motivated his hatred of all biological life and sparked a personal feud with the Avengers that has kept both sides motivated for so long. Hawkeye is just a guy with a bow and arrows against a murderous adamantium robot, but that never stopped him from getting into the fight. Hawkeye fought Ultron a lot, like any longtime Avenger. He took part in many battles against Ultron and survived every one of them, which is an accomplishment in itself.

1 Hawkeye was part of the Avengers when they beat Galactus

Galactus Silver Surfer Parabola 1

Galactus is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He attacked Earth several times, but the heroes managed to get him to leave before feeding off the planet. However, they only really defeated him once and Hawkeye was one of them. At his weakest, Galactus attacked Earth, and the heroes of New York City fought against him.

Between the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange, the teams managed to beat him, effectively knocking him out. Few beings in history have ever done to Galactus what these heroes did to him and Hawkeye was a part of that historic battle.

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