10 Things We Need To See When Marvel’s First Family Reboots In 2024

Marvel Studios’ The Fantastic Four the reboot is right around the corner, and ahead of its 2024 release, we’ve got some exciting ideas for what we’d like to see from the MCU’s take on the iconic team of heroes…

The The Fantastic Four starred in three movies (one of which was never officially released), but they were all pretty bad. There’s been the occasional glimpse of greatness, but it’s too often been surrounded by ridiculous or underwhelming creative decisions.

Now, Marvel’s First Family will finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe on November 8, 2024. This promises to be a game-changer for these characters and signals that we’ll finally get a clear vision for the team.

However, after the way the heroes (and their villains) have been treated on the big screen in the past, we definitely have a wish list of things we want to see in the next incarnation of the team. Whether it’s certain characters or locations making an appearance, or small decisions that will make a surprisingly big difference, we’re confident they’ll help make this reboot a success.

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10. Classic Comic Costumes

Before The Fantastic Fourat the 2015 release, it was clarified that the team would not don their classic comic book costumes. Say what you will about these early two Fox efforts, but at least they used the outfits, and now we’re hoping Marvel Studios eventually does the same.

In Josh Trank’s film, it made sense for the team to not have traditional “superhero” costumes, but it would be incredibly disappointing for Marvel Studios to go down a grounded path.

We don’t want their astronaut suits modified with a “4” logo or t-shirts with a logo graffitied on them; instead, they should be just as accurate as what we’ve recently seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

9. Sue Storm, the most powerful member of the team


Jessica Alba’s take on the invisible woman in these first two The Fantastic Four the movies didn’t do the character justice, while Kate Mara had an equally disappointing chance to portray the hero.

As a result, learning that she’s the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four might come as a shock to some fans. After all, the only thing we really saw her do in these was go invisible, and while that’s obviously a big part of her power set, Sue’s ability to create force fields and using them as weapons is something we definitely need to see more of.

There still aren’t enough strong female characters in superhero movies, and since Invisible Woman fits that role perfectly in the comics, the same should be true in the MCU.

8. True family dynamics

FF Team

What makes the Fantastic Four a bit more unique than the Avengers or the X-Men is the fact that they are a family. Reed and Sue are married, Johnny is Sue’s brother, and Ben Grimm is Reed’s best friend (and pretty much a brother to him and the rest of his teammates).

So far, none of the movies have fully delved into this, choosing instead to focus on a frustrating dynamic with Mr Fantastic and The Invisible Woman, and an admittedly entertaining antagonistic relationship between Human Torch and The Thing. .

This time around, we’d like to see Marvel Studios explore that family dynamic in a deeper and more satisfying way, exploring what makes them click and how it affects their adventures together.

7. Galactus


Galactus is one of the most iconic and chilling villains in the entire Marvel Universe, and while it’s possible we’ll get yet another vision of Doctor Doom in this reboot, the groundwork could still be laid for an appearance by him down the line (similar to how Thanos was handled).

The character was portrayed as, well, a cloud in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surferbut Marvel Studios should embrace this larger-than-life villain and make him a threat to the entire MCU.

Galactus consumes planets, and when he arrived on Earth, he was stopped by the four superheroes. Joined by the Silver Surfer, there’s plenty of material that can serve as inspiration for this reboot, which would obviously be much better than what we got in 2007.

6. The Negative Zone


The N-Zone is an alien dimension, full of unique locations and characters (like Annihilus), who have sadly never been seen on the big screen before thanks to Doctor Doom’s focus.

In the Ultimate comics line, it’s Reed’s desire to discover this mysterious alternate universe that leads to the Fantastic Four gaining their powers, and it’s a path the 2015 reboot (sort of) took. However, whether or not that’s the case in the MCU, the introduction of the Quantum Realm and the Multiverse sets the stage perfectly for the team to explore that realm.

Sure, the aforementioned Josh Trank reboot took us into the negative zone, but it was a murky and boring CGI backdrop. Marvel Studios, on the other hand, can have a lot of fun with it.

5. Some kind of X-Men bond


Fox never gave us a Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover (although they briefly considered one), but it’s definitely something we need to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Honestly, this should be a higher priority than an Avengers crossover because teaming up between heroes has always been fun, and Franklin Richards being a mutant has caused a lot of issues.

We don’t know what comes first in the MCU: a x-men and The Fantastic Four to restart. However, there’s no reason to suspect that the two franchises can’t start crossing paths early on.

There are several heroes we’d love to see meet the Fantastic Four (Spider-Man, for example), but it’s hard not to feel hopeless watching the worlds of Marvel’s First Family and the X-Men collide. , especially after so many years. of missed opportunities in Fox’s own “Marvel Universe”.



HERBIE (Humanoid Experimental Robot, Type B, Integrated Electronics) is a robotic ally of the Fantastic Four who sometimes guards the Baxter building, assists Mr. Fantastic, or guards Reed and Sue’s son Franklin. Is an appearance of HERBIE essential?

Truth be told, no. But in a reboot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s a character who could provide some much-needed comic relief (which isn’t quite as slapstick as the team’s first two appearances).

Comic book fans would certainly appreciate this, and HERBIE could certainly work in this shared world. In many ways, JARVIS laid the groundwork for an appearance like this, and Marvel Studios should definitely embrace the quirky side of this team’s wacky dynamic.

3. Doing it right


Special effects have come a long way since the first two Fantastic Four movies, and were good enough in 2015 to mean we finally got to see a CGI version of The Thing. He looked…good.

There was nothing wrong with the visual effects (they were actually quite impressive), but a grounded approach to Ben Grimm’s appearance robbed him of much of his personality. Marvel Studios has perfected the CGI characters – just look at The Hulk and Thanos – but that’s not what we’re concerned about; we just want an accurate and completely comedic take on The Thing in this reboot!

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t, so we have to trust them.

2. Please no more love triangles

Reed Sue

A The Fantastic Four the reboot will inevitably have a romance story element, but that should be limited to Reed Richards and Sue Storm, one of Marvel’s most well-known couples and a staple of the Marvel Universe. There’s certainly no need to make Ben Grimm jealous of their relationship, and there’s definitely no need to have Victor Von Doom in things.

Can The Thing find love with Alicia Masters? Absolutely, but love triangles are a tiresome boredom, and with all comic book fans well aware that Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman are meant to be, why waste time delaying the inevitable in this upcoming reboot?

There’s a lot more interesting things this reboot could and should focus on, so let’s see them instead portrayed as a happy couple, potentially from the start. Marvel Studios can certainly add a lot of drama to a movie like this, but please, no love triangles!

1. The Real Doctor Doom


Just like in the 2005 movie, 2015 The Fantastic Four the reboot gave Doctor Doom his powers alongside those heroes, but it’s not something we need to see on the big screen a third time.

This Victor Von Doom’s powers should be rooted in magic, and it’s a must that his Latvian roots are properly explored this time around, not to mention that he rules that nation with an iron fist. What is perhaps most important are his motivations and his personality. It shouldn’t be like a jealous love or a selfish businessman this time around.

Instead, he has to be terrifying, ruthless, and crazy. Doom is one of Marvel’s greatest villains, and this The Fantastic Four reboot should present it as such (finally giving us the version we want).

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