17 Actors And Directors Who Hated Marvel Movies

Everyone who worked on Thor: The Dark World hated more than you!

Getting to work on the set of a Marvel movie might seem like a dream come true, but not everyone lucky enough to bring an iconic comic book character to life has a ~great~ experience.

Here are 17 actors and directors who regretted working on Marvel movies:


Terrence Howardwho originally starred as Rhodey/War Machine in Iron Manrefused to return for the sequel because the studio wanted to pay him an eighth of what he had already been promised in his three-movie deal in order to pay more co-star Robert Downey Jr.

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Mickey Rourke worked with the iron man 2 writer and director to make Ivan Vanko/Whiplash more than just a “murderous and vengeful villain”, but “unfortunately, the [people] at marvel i just wanted a one dimensional villain so most of the performances ended [on] floor.”

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He said Crack online“If they want to make stupid comic book movies, then I don’t want to be part of it. I don’t want to have to care so much and work so hard and then fight them for smart reasoning, and just because they call the shots, they… You know, I didn’t work for three months on the accent and all the adjustments and I went to Russia just so I could end up on the floor.


Director Josh Trank said what he tried to do with The Fantastic Four (2015) was “so arrogant for someone who hadn’t really mastered his own skills as a filmmaker”, and he felt bitter about that experience for years.

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He told the Hollywood journalist“What I had just experienced after The Fantastic Four came out and in the five months before The Fantastic Four being released I was at home reading about myself, and to me it felt like it was this mythological version of this out of control person who has the same name as me and with who I didn’t really identify with. I understood this character, Josh Trank, who was portrayed on Twitter, blogs and other media, but the fact that he has the same name as me and has apparently been in the same places as me was just weird and surreal.”


When the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer director Tim Story told Jessica Alba that she needed to “beautifully cry” while filming her character Sue Storm/Invisible Woman’s death scene, she almost quit acting.

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When he told her they might add CGI tears later, she began to doubt her acting skills and instincts.


Ryan Reynolds only played Wade Wilson / Deadpool in X-Men: Origins because he was already attached to the dead Pool solo film, and the studio threatened to replace him if he refused.

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He said Weekly entertainment“I just said, ‘I’m going to do it, but it’s not the right version. Deadpool is not right.'”


Even though she played the main character, Jennifer Garnier think that Electra was “awful”, and she wish that she could have waited for Kevin Feige to take over the MCU.

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She only did the daredevil spin-off because it was part of his contract.


Patty Jenkins was originally slated to direct Thor: The Dark Worldbut she left the production because she “didn’t believe that [she] could make a good movie out of the script they intended to make” and “it would have seemed like it was my fault”.

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She said vanity lounge“It would have been like, ‘Oh my god, this woman realized it and she missed all that stuff.'”


In fact, when Jenkins signed, Natalie Portman was thrilled to reprise her role as Jane Foster, but after the director was replaced she only stayed due to her contractual obligations.

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She refused to come back Thor: Ragnarok. However, after a meeting with director Taika Waititi, she agreed to return for the next Thor: Love and Thunder.


replacement director Alan Taylor said that working on the Thor the sequel was “something that I hope never to repeat and that I don’t wish on anyone else”, because “I was kind of given absolute freedom during filming and then in post, it just happened.” is made into a different movie.”

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He told the Hollywood journalist“The version I started with had more childlike wonder; there was this imagery of children, which started it all… There was a bit more of a magical side to it. Stranger things were happening on Earth because of the convergence that allowed for some of this magical realism stuff, and there were major plot differences that were reversed in the editing room and with additional photography. [such as Loki] who were dead were not dead. People who had broken up got back together. I think I would like my version.


Going straight from the role of Nelson Mandela in Mandela: a long road to freedom resuming his role as Heimdall was a “torture” that “teared [Idris Elba‘s] open heart.”

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He told the Telegraph, “I think, 24 hours ago I was Mandela. When I entered the set, the extras called me Madiba. I was literally walking in this man’s boots… Then there I was, in this stupid harness, with this wig and this sword and these contact lenses.”


Christopher Ecclestonwho played Malekith, said the filming Thor: The Dark World was like “a gun in the mouth”.

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The role obligatory him to sit in the makeup chair for up to six hours a day, and many scenes explaining his character’s backstory had to be cut.


After the release of Blade Trinity, Wesley Snipes sued New Line Cinema for $5 million, alleging they breached his contract by withholding part of his salary, forcing the script and certain cast and crew members on him, and harassing him because of of his race.

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He was also plagued by claims from co-star Patton Oswalt regarding his alleged on-set behavior.

Snipes told the Guardian“Why would people believe his version is true? Because they’re predisposed to believe that black people are always the problem. And all it takes is one person. Mr. I really don’t know. I barely remember him on set, but it’s fascinating that his statement alone is enough to make people say, “Yeah, you know Snipes has a problem.”


Sally Field hated playing Aunt May in The Amazing Spider-Man because “it’s really hard to find a three-dimensional character in it, and you work it as much as you can, but you can’t fit 10 pounds of shit in a 5-pound bag.”

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She said The Howard Stern Show that she only accepted the role in favor of Laura Ziskin, her friend and production partner who died a year before the film was released.


Director Sam Raimi said that Spiderman 3 was “a movie that just didn’t do very well” because it “didn’t really believe in all the characters”.

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He told the nerdist podcast, “I should have stayed with the characters and the relationships, and taken them to the next level and not tried to overstep the bar. I think that was my mistake.”


Producer Avi Arad regretted “forcing” the director to include Venom in Spiderman 3 because “Venom is not a sideshow.”

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He said Screen Rant“In all honesty, I’ll take the guilt because of what Sam Raimi used to say in all those interviews feeling guilty for forcing him to do it. And you know what I learned? Don’t force anyone into anything.”

Arad later produced Venom.


In 2003, screenwriter/director Edgar Wright co-wrote a treatment for The ant Man and script rewrites delivered continuously over a decade of production delays. However, in 2014, Marvel Studios commissioned a draft script without his input, so he officially left the project two months before production began.

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Dior

He said Variety“I wanted to do a Marvel movie but I don’t think they really wanted to do an Edgar Wright movie… Suddenly becoming a director for hire you’re kind of less emotionally invested and you start wondering why are you here, really.


And finally, Robin Williams was originally cast as the voice of the main character in howard the duckbut he quit after only a few days because he felt confined, as if he was “handcuffed to match the flapping duckbill”.

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The scenes featuring Howard had already been filmed, so Williams had been forced to forego his signature improvisational style and record his lines to precisely match the footage.

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