2022 release date seems revealed by leaker

According to a cryptic leak from an insider, The Last of Us remake could arrive in just a few months, landing on more than just the PlayStation 5.

A trustworthy leaker may have revealed the exact 2022 release date for The last of us remake. The rumor follows a previous report that suggested a holiday 2022 release window for the game. In May, well-known industry insider Jeff Grubb shared an update regarding The last of us remake PS5 release window. Now, an exact release date also appears to have been leaked.

According to Grubb previously, The last of us remake could be aiming for the holiday 2022 release window, as the development process has reportedly proven to be quite efficient. The insider didn’t cite any sources, but Grubb’s overall industry knowledge and connections make the report quite reliable. The most recent leak, however, contains even more intriguing information.


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The Named Leaker and Industry Insider The golden snitch on Twitter shared an encrypted ad that may contain information regarding The last of us the confirmed release date and remake target platforms. The simple tweet suggests that “PART 1” – presumably, The Last of Us: Part One – could be released as early as September 2, 2022. The post also features a pair of emojis, one of which is a game controller while the other is a PC/laptop. It’s fair to assume that this puzzle is hinting at the platforms the planned remake might be coming to. Not only will TLOU hitting PS5, which is pretty obvious, but it can also land on PC simultaneously. It’s not that hard to believe, especially considering that Marvel’s Spiderman remaster has also received a PC treatment. It’s also worth mentioning that The Snitch has already leaked a decent schedule for the State of Play show, which gives the insider at least some credibility.

Whereas The last of us remake has not been officially announced yet, there are lots of rumors all over the internet. One individual, for example, suggests that The last of us the remake could launch alongside Factions, TLOU: Part 2standalone multiplayer mode. It’s not entirely clear whether the two experiences will be bundled or sold separately. However, the backer assumes that purchasing both games could result in additional bonuses to gain an advantage in Factions.

As with every leak, the recent The last of us rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. However, two pivotal moments suggest there could be more to the leak than vague speculation. First of all, The last of us remake has already been mentioned by other insiders, and second, The Snitch has a history of providing accurate information in the past. And while it’s still worth waiting for an official announcement on this, the leaked information is at least somewhat believable to start anticipating.

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Source: The Golden Snitch/Twitter

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