5 Marvel Characters Kaitlyn Dever Would Be Perfect To Play 5 Marvel Characters Kaitlyn Dever Would Be Perfect To Play


At just 25 years old, Kaitlyn Dever has covered almost all the basics an artist can have in the decade or so that she has performed professionally. His filmography is filled with comedies like the longtime hit sitcom Last man standing, police thrillers like Justified, factual dramas like Netflix’s exclusive limited series Unbelievable, horror tv shows like that of Hulu Land of monsters, and now, with Dear Evan Hanseneven musicals.

The only primary box that it currently has not checked is superhero movies, although some fans are already working hard to find who she could play in the Marvel Movies one day. We had the same idea in mind, which is why we’ve put together this list of comic book characters that Kaitlyn Dever seems like the right choice for, including one that could lead to a reunion with her. Booksmart director.

Gwen Stacy is Spider-Gwen (Spider-Woman)

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Gwen stacy

In 2019 Olivia Wilde made her directorial debut in a feature film with the delightful coming-of-age comedy Booksmart, starring Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein as future graduates looking to get through the night of debauchery they never had in high school. The following year, Wilde’s follow-up was announced as a Spider-Woman movie with Sony, but without any confirmation from which iteration of the female webslinger the film will focus on. Most people’s money is on Jessica Drew, but I have another cool idea in mind.

To be honest, I’m not 100% convinced that Kaitlyn Dever is the right one for Jessica drew, but I think she could be a wonderful Gwen Stacy, whose tenure as Spider-Woman has yet to be adapted for live-action. To give Wilde and Dever the opportunity for their second collaboration, I think the teenage superhero story should be at the center of his own marvel movie. Blonde hair dye is all the preparation the actress would need.

Felicia Hardy is the black cat in Marvel Comics

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Black cat

On second thought, a live-action comedy movie about Jessica Drew is probably more likely to happen than a Gwen Stacy live movie at present. Still, that doesn’t mean Kaitlyn Dever couldn’t be a part of Wilde’s Spider-Woman movie in one way or another. I actually have another great character in mind for the actress who would only need a different shade of blonde hair dye.

One of Jessica’s most trusted allies is Felicia Hardy, also known as Marvel’s answer to Catwoman, Black Cat. While the platinum blonde antihero (noted for her affection for Peter Parker) has previously been adapted for live action and performed by Oscar nominee Felicity Jones in The Incredible Spider-Man 2, she never officially debuted as her feline alter ego and femme fatale. I would say Dever definitely has the right mix of class and courage to make comic book fans’ dreams come true and finally bring Black Cat to the big screen in its proper form.

Kitty Pryde is Shadowcat X-Men member in Marvel Comics

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Kitty pryde

Speaking of having a good mix of class and courage, there are a few different members of the X-Men who fall under this description. One of those young mutants is Shadowcat, otherwise known by her birth name, Katherine Pryde, or her more laid-back nickname “Kitty”. The inspiration for her crime-fighting alias is her ability to traverse solid objects, but she can also communicate with others telepathically, as well as resist telepathic manipulation.

The character has previously been portrayed by Oscar nominee Elliot Page in X-Men: The Final Showdown from 2006 and 2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past, but for every time Kevin Feige et co. start throwing their inevitable X Men reboot movies for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I would recommend Kaitlyn Dever. i am in fact not the first person to make this suggestion as fans noticed that she already had the right look and, of course, the versatile acting talent to be the next Kitty Pryde. She wouldn’t even need to modify her hair.

The character of X-Men Hope Summers in Marvel Comics

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Hope the summers

Kitty Pryde isn’t the only X-Men comic book mutant Marvel fans have campaigned for Kaitlyn Dever to play in a movie (or even a TV show, maybe). Said character (who has taken all kinds of different aliases, from Exploding Girl to Antichrist) is really called Hope Summers, which is a last name comic book experts will likely recognize. This is because she is the adopted daughter of Cable – the partially cybernetic time traveler of Deadpool 2 played by Josh Brolin, who is also the son of Scott “Cyclops” Summers.

Hope made her film debut in 2018, Ryan reynolds– Directed sequel (as played by Islie Hirvonen) in a flash-forward to Cable’s timeline. However, that brief cameo didn’t give us the opportunity to see her demonstrate her ability to manipulate power – meaning she can literally do anything any other mutant can, making her a perfect match for any formidable enemy. Moreover, since we know that Cable was able to prevent his murder in the Deadpool 2 end, it is the proof that it already exists in the cinema Marvel Multiverse and it’s only a matter of time before Kaitlyn Dever can step in.

Aurora from Marvel Comics

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In case Kaitlyn Dever is in the MCU, this wouldn’t be her first time working with a Marvel star, like Anthony Mackie in Detroit, Hugh Jackman in The front runner, and Tye Sheridan in All summer ends. She also starred alongside Oscar winner Brie Larson (who debuted as Carol Danvers in 2019 Captain marvel) in The spectacular now and in Short term 12 – which both came out in 2013. I have an idea of ​​how the actresses might collaborate a third time, in a Marvel movie.

Carol Danvers is a founding member and former commander of the space program called Alpha Flight, which is a branch of the Canadian superhero team of the same name. One of the founding members of these two organizations is Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, also known as Aurora – named after her more vocal, but heroic split personality. I would love to see how Kaitlyn Dever would approach the play of these two characters in the future. Captain marvel movie.

Now, if the role was still up for grabs, I actually think Kaitlyn Dever would’ve been a great choice for the DC movies as Barbara Gordon, before Leslie Grace was cast for the lead role in the Bat girl movie. However, if you think the MCU is the perfect place for the actress to debut in a comic book movie, which character is right for you?

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