5 ways he is shaping the revolutionary future of franchising


With a massive opening of $ 90.1 million, Venom: let there be carnage beat its predecessor at the box office this weekend despite the insurmountable risks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Love or Hate Tom Hardy’s iteration of Eddie Brock, it now seems clear that the character is here to stay and the Venom The sequel does a lot to set the stage for a third film… and possibly a fourth as well. Sony Pictures naturally has ambitious plans for this character, and Andy Serkis was the right choice of filmmaker to expand this universe in ways we never could have imagined in 2018.

Venom’s reach now appears to extend beyond the “Sony Spider-Man universe,” which promises to be a game-changer for just about everything we see of the symbiote going forward.

The Lethal Protector has a bright future on the big screen; read on to see what that might entail!

5. The Mortal Protector

When Venom: let there be carnage begins, Eddie Brock has done what he can to tame his other alien. It doesn’t work for either of them, and much of this movie is about Venom’s desire to become a deadly protector.

Even the fans who enjoyed Venom were disappointed with the character’s goofy nature, so Sony clearly took that into account when laying the groundwork for a transformation into a Venom more in line with its comic book counterpart. Now, with the anti-hero setting his sights on “murderer” Peter Parker, it feels like this franchise is finally about to embrace that. deadly side of the character.

There are a lot of interesting directions that can be displayed onscreen, and that should help make Venom a more proactive “hero” as opposed to someone who only takes action when he has to. This could bring him into conflict not only with the police, but potentially with some of Sony’s heroes.

4. Detective Pat Mulligan’s Toxic Future


Detective Patrick Mulligan targets Eddie Brock in this movie and eventually learns that he is secretly Venom in the final act. From the cop’s point of view, the reporter is quite the monster Cletus Kasady, and it looks like he’s now been infected with his own symbiote.

We don’t know what his glowing blue eyes were supposed to mean, but in the comics, it’s the offspring of Carnage the cop is infected with. From there, he’s forced to try and balance the alien’s evil impulses with his own desire to continue to be a good cop, and Pat ultimately takes control of Carnage’s much more powerful “child”. .

There is clearly potential here for a movie with Toxin as the antagonist, and we’re sure Stephen Graham would have fun with a role like this. Whether the character is interesting enough to base an entire movie is another question, so it might be a good idea to bring in another villain.

3. More venom


Venom is spending time with Anne Weying again in Venom: let there be carnage, and it looks like he could bond with her just as easily as Eddie Brock. We’re sure the inclusion of She-Venom was pure fan service, as fans loved this scene in the first movie, but it’s also possible that the setting was prepared for the character to play a bigger role. in the future.

Eddie and Anne’s reunion seems like the natural endgame for at least the first act of this franchise, and upping the stakes in the next movie to include Toxin and perhaps a symbiote like Scream could be the perfect excuse for that Venom is spreading. With this, Eddie and Anne could become a formidable duo capable of taking on enemies together.

It would be a shame to keep dropping She-Venom cameos for fun, but provided Michelle Williams wants to come back for a third installment, we feel like there’s more to come here (especially now that the symbiote appears to be. laying offspring).

2. Lives of carnage?


At first glance, Cletus Kasady’s death appears to be pretty final. Venom essentially eats and absorbs the symbiote and begins to bite the serial killer’s head. How the hell was he going to come back? Well, there’s actually a precedent in the comics, and the groundwork may have been laid in the movie itself.

On the page, Venom once absorbed Carnage, but it made him sick and the costume was eventually able to return to its original host. All along Venom: let there be carnage, we see the symbiote transforming Cletus’ body into his alien form, so Carnage is more of him than just a costume he’s wearing (and in the comics, Carnage has used the murderer’s corpse as a host).

If just a small piece of Carnage was still inside Cletus, he could easily come back. Likewise, the symbiote returning to his remains might be more than enough to bring him back. That’s why we think the best possible direction for the next solo outing would be to pit Venom against Toxin first, only for them to then team up to fight a Risen Carnage.

1. Venom vs. Spider-Man


In Venom: let there be carnageThe post-credits scene of, Eddie Brock is kind of transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where Venom is very interested in a report on Spider-Man being Peter Parker. We don’t know if the symbiote senses Spidey’s power or thinks Mysterio’s killer would be a good target as he’s now a deadly protector, but a fight is ahead.

We have the feeling that we will see them face to face in Spider-Man 4 rather than Venom 3, but it will all depend on how Spider-Man: No Path Home play. This movie could remove Peter Parker from the MCU, merge this world with Sony’s Spider-Man universe, or give the web-slinger the chance to travel between realities.

A big screen encounter between these two has huge box office potential and should make for a spectacular film. Seeing Peter fall under the influence of this Venom would be pretty far-fetched, and if Brock ends up with the classic logo and the ability to spin webs as all is said and done, that wouldn’t really be a bad thing.

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