A former Avenger fears Iron Man more than any other hero

A long-lost Avenger has made a surprise return and reveals he fears Iron Man, but not for the reason readers might expect.

Warning! Spoiler for She-Hulk #2 by Marvel Comics

A long lost AvengerJack of Hearts, came back from the dead and immediately reveals to She-Hulk that he still sucks Iron Man. In She-Hulk #2 by Marvel Comics, Jack of Hearts explains that he doesn’t want to meet Iron Man and the Avengers because he’s afraid Tony Stark will put him back in solitary to keep his powers from bursting.

Jack of Hearts has made its surprise return in the new She-Hulk Marvel Comics series. The Avenger previously died when his containment suit was overwhelmed by his powers (after being shot) as Jack of Hearts decided to sacrifice himself to stop the man responsible for Cassie Lang’s death. Ultimately, the hero became frustrated with living a life where he was forced into solitary confinement due to radiation eating him alive. Realizing he was doomed to explode, Jack of Hearts made his noble sacrifice, where he’s largely disappeared from mainstream comic book canon ever since.


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In She-Hulk #2 by Rainbow Rowell, Roge Antonio, Rico Renzi, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Jen Bartel, Jack of Hearts returns to She-Hulk’s life. The former Avenger has memory problems but confirms that he died after growing tired of being confined and isolated by Iron Man. Realizing he was destined to explode like an atomic bomb, Jack of Hearts exploded into the sky. However, he reveals he’s not dead, as someone (or something) trapped him in a container – which he broke free of before heading towards She-Hulk. After hearing it, Jennifer Walters asks Jack of Hearts if they should involve the Avengers. Jack of Hearts immediately rejects the option, as he fears Iron Man will isolate him again.

Iron Man Marvel Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts tells She-Hulk that Tony Stark will search for answers before deciding what he thinks is best. The long-lost Avenger tells him that if he is going to be banished and isolate himself, he would do it on his terms instead. Jack of Hearts has been through hell and back, so his request isn’t far-fetched.

Ultimately, Iron Man’s future worries about Jack of Hearts are well placed, as Tony Stark wants to make sure his powers don’t go off like a bomb. However, Jack of Hearts is afraid that Iron Man will isolate him again – a fate the hero knows all too well. Of course, Stark isn’t wrong in wanting to isolate Jack of Hearts. It’s a ticking time bomb that can explode at any time. But, considering all that’s been long lost Revengera crossed, it is logical that he fears Iron Man and doesn’t want to involve him now that he’s back, given their background. She-Hulk #2 from Marvel Comics is in stores now.

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