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Marvel Studios very quickly became the studio to emulate thanks to the success they had with their Marvel Cinematic Universe movie-making model. That award-winning success translated to television with the new MCU Disney + series roster. Not to mention their very first anime series that is canon in the MCU, What If…? What’s not canon, however, is a new upcoming animated series about Marvel Comics’ more unlikely characters. The Marvel’s Hit-Monkey The trailer features a pretty decent new animated series. But it is a monkey. A vigilante monkey who kills people. With a mentor who is a ghost-assassin. I can’t make this up, guys. Read on to learn more about Marvel’s Hit-Monkey.

OK, but really, what is the Marvel hit monkey ??

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Probably one of Marvel Comics’ more recent additions, Hit-Monkey debuted in 2010 in a comic book by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajic. The character is one of the more outrageous Marvel ones who got their own main comic book series, but was likeable enough to now justify their own animated series. The juxtaposition of a fairly ambiguous animal with the acquired emotional development to become an assassin-killer vigilante sparked interest and curiosity. And Way’s execution of the story made the character become a pretty interesting one.

It absolutely helped that his appearance in the comics was bolstered by having him be an antagonist in a story starring a team of Deadpool and Spider-Man. The story ends with him being an anti-hero, similar to Deapool and many others in the world of Marvel Comics. And by the way Marvel’s Hit-Monkey trailer, it looks like the series will appeal to audiences who love it when comic book adaptations get a little weird and unconventional.

Hit-Monkey was supposed to be a universe shared by Hulu

Hit Monkey Teaser Hulu Trailer Image via Hulu

Initially, when the Hit-Monkey series was announced, it was meant to be part of a smaller-scale adult-themed shared universe on TV, along with other shows. Dazzler, Tigra, MODOK, and Howard The Duck were supposed to be the other shows that all came together as part of this plan. However, when oversight of Marvel TV shifted from Jeph Loeb to the bigger Marvel Studios banner, the plans changed. Dazzler, Tigra and Howard The Duck fell victim to the change of administration. While MODOK continued its premiere on Hulu, and it’s actually pretty awesome.

Unlike the in-canon MCU series on Disney +, Hulu is home to these other Marvel shows. Likewise, Hit-Monkey will also be on Hulu, but it doesn’t look like that intersects with MODOK. Especially since Marvel’s Hit-Monkey trailer features a totally different type of animation than MODOK’s. However, for the audience that has seen MODOK’s crazy, weird storytelling where anything is possible, they know anything is possible.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey trailer is true to the original

Hit Monkey Teaser Hulu Trailer Image via Marvel Entertainment

The show seems very faithful to the comic book. The comedic origin of Hit-Monkey sees a tribe of snow monkeys taking charge of a wounded assassin. The caregiver back to health, the monkey becomes his tribe; all but one. The wary monkey is wary of the stranger but ends up learning his fighting style and expertise from his sightings. So when the assassin’s enemies catch up with him, slaughtering him and the monkey tribe, it becomes personal. Using his new skills, the only remaining monkey in his tribe takes revenge on these villains. And, with the Batman effect at full power, in typical vigilante fashion, swears to kill all assassins to cut down on bad guys, in general. Thus, Marvel’s Hit-Monkey was born!

The Hit-Monkey The trailer follows this origin very closely, although it doesn’t really give a clue of the story. But the footage looks a lot like this comic book origin, with a few additions. Looks like the Human Assassin is returning to mentor Hit-Monkey throughout his new life, as a ghost. Look, I don’t know if you’re still reading, because a lot of things seem pretty weird, but he totally Force-Ghost Obi Wans this titular monkey. And despite my mocking tone here, the Hit-Monkey trailer looks really good. The action, the killings, and the setups seem genuinely interesting. It also helps that Jason Sudeikis proves the voice of the human assassin, with his dry mind playing like a monkey. The rest of the cast includes Olivia Munn, George Takei, Fred Tatasciore and Ally Maki.

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey premieres on Hulu on November 17.

Are you excited or even interested in an animated show about a vigilante monkey and his ghost mentor? Let me know in the comments below.

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