A Spider-Verse hero has the most hilarious hero name

On Twitter, writer Sina Grace reminded readers that Marvel Comics once had a Spider-Man related hero with a now unreleased name.

Marvel Comics has had more web-slingers than most can count, with the Spider-Verse introducing even more versions of Spider-Man and other spider heroes. However, Ashley Barton is one of the most notable, thanks to a ridiculous story, lineage, and the character being referred to as “Spider-Bitch.” The hero, who appears in Mark Millar and Steve McNiven the old man logan arch of Wolverine, is still better known as the inappropriate name, which Marvel tried to change years later.

The Old man logan bow Wolverine by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven took readers to a Dystopian Earth-807128, where the Marvel Universe was a wasteland overrun by villains. In the story, a much older and exhausted Wolverine teams up with Clint Barton to deliver a package through Dangerous Territories. Along the way, readers are introduced to Ashley Barton, Hawkeye’s daughter and Peter Parker’s granddaughter. In the old man logan, Hawkeye had a daughter with Tonya, the daughter of Peter Parker. Barton took it after his father formed his own super-team, although he was raised by Ultron-8 and Tonya. However, after being captured by the Kingpin, Wolverine and Hawkeye attempt to stage a rescue mission.


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In Wolverine # 67 and 68 by Millar, McNiven, Dexter Vines and Morry Hollowell, Ashley Barton is seen in a jail cell as the Kingpin brutally murders his crime-fighting partners Daredevil and the Punisher. A guard in Barton’s cell tells her that they don’t understand why she is angry, while the other tells her “The Kingpin is taking care of us, Spider-Bitch”. Funny enough, the name is what readers have called the hero since she hasn’t been mentioned by anything else on the show.

Spider-Hero Ashley Barton Marvel

ice man Writer Sina Grace tweeted her surprise about a character called Spider-Bitch from Spider-Verse, sharing a Key Comics Collector profile. He joked, “[I was] Today he has years of learning about Spider-Bitch … writing an apology email to everyone at Marvel (yes even CB) and begging to have a miniseries with that. character The headline! “Sina Grace returns to Marvel for Web of Spider-Bitch.”

Is Ashley Barton canonically known as Spider-Bitch? The answer is usually no, but given that the character is referred to as such in the comics and readers have codenamed the hero, it’s sort of? It’s a little complicated. Marvel Comics even made sure to call the hero “Spider-Woman” in one of their more recent ones. Spider-Verse crosses in The Amazing Spider-Man, which was probably an attempt to change the hero’s name to something that wasn’t so inappropriate.

Spider-Bitch’s name is Shroedinger’s cat from the Marvel Universe. Its code name exists and does not exist at the same time. Nonetheless, the inappropriate name has become popular with some Marvel readers, although Marvel Comics has attempted to distance itself from the edgy nickname by calling it Spider-Woman in the Spider-Verse comics.

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