Ana de Armas takes over Hollywood, one action flick at a time

Photo: Ana de Armas

Three months ago, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans made headlines with news of the duo once again sharing the big screen. What was the movie? ‘Phantom.’ The premise? We weren’t sure, but it was something about a romantic action-adventure film written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Yes, the writers of the hilarious superhero movie ‘dead Pool‘and comedy’the land of zombies‘). The film is also said to have been directed by none other than the incredible Dexter Fletcher. You know, the director of the award-winning academy film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘and the Golden Globe nominee, musical’Rocket man.Filming for the film was scheduled to begin in 2022.

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Goodbye, Scarlett… Hello Ana

Back then, the headlines and fans couldn’t contain the excitement of finally seeing the duo be together in a movie again. But see, I’m telling you in the past tense because, much to their disappointment, and as it often happens in productions, things don’t always go as planned. The news broke recently, shattering many hearts and expectations. Scarlett johansson Will no longer be part of the project as she is said to have conflicting schedules due to another movie she is working on right now. The production already had someone in mind, and as they announced Scarlet Johansson’s departure from the film, they introduced the actress who is expected to be a part of the film. His replacement ? Ana de Armas. The Cuban actress will replace the Black Widow star in this upcoming project.

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, are longtime besties

The internet shared her feelings about the disappointment, as Scarlett Johansson and Chris evans have accumulated a group of fans who love their relationship. Evans and Johansson have been longtime friends and have shared the screen since their teenage years in the 1990s. Besides the Marvel movies that have increased their notoriety to the max, Johansson and Evans still refer to each other as best friends. .

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Ana de Armas

Ana de Armase Armas has become the essential girl in these films.

‘Knives out’

You may remember her from “Blade Runner 2049”,Dogs of war, ‘or maybe you found yourself watching the highly rated movie’Knives Out, ‘and you’ve been wondering, “who’s the pretty girl with the accent whose character is called Marta Cabrera?” I know I was. His face looked familiar to me, but his name just wouldn’t occur to me.

Following the film’s resounding success and several award nominations (‘Knives Out’ earned an Oscar nomination for Best Picture and Ana De Armas was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical). Ana De Armas slowly started to become a household name. She was the “unknown” lead role in “Knives Out,” but either way her performance wasn’t out of place, even with all the other Hollywood legends like Jamie lee curtis. Since his beloved role, De Armas has booked every action movie you can think of in Hollywood. She has been featured on numerous magazine covers, Ana De Armas Instagram fan accounts and various film accounts that make it a point to share Ana De Armas’ messages of appreciation too often.

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She’s been there for a while

While it looks like De Armas appeared out of nowhere, this is not true. The actress has been in the entertainment industry since the age of twelve. Originally from Havana, Cuba, Ana De Armas began her career in a film called “Una Rosa de Francia”. By the time De Armas turned eighteen, she had moved to Spain to seek better opportunities as an actor. During his time in Spain, De Armas booked many roles, as well as a recurring role in the Spanish snow “Internado” which earned him some sort of celebrity status on Spanish television.

It was still a long time before De Armas made it to Hollywood. But after much consideration, the actress moved to Los Angeles in hopes of a new career and with the intention of learning a whole new language. Ana De Armas did not know English when she first moved to America, but she allowed this obstacle to be a hindrance. Ana would learn her lines phonetically and surrender to her performances. Often trying to shy away from stereotypical Latinas roles, De Armas almost passed on “Knives Out,” but the role was meant to be his, and now we are here.

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His arrival in Hollywood

When most of us can barely handle our anxiety, Ana de Armas graciously does this and accomplishes to give the audience even more than they think they are asking for. The actress ‘first role in Hollywood was in a movie starring Matrix alumni Keanu Reeves in the erotic thriller’Knock Knock. ‘ Critics love his work, as De Armas frequently wins their hearts and manages to receive fantastic reviews for his performances. Critics often praise his talent and stress De Armas’ charisma. Movie critics often speak of the actress’ ability to become better than the role given to her, stating things like “they (the movie) didn’t know what to do with her blinding charisma.” Others find her simply adorable with incomparable charm, such as Variety’s Jay Weissberg, who in 2019 described her as “a joyful and haunting presence whose career seems destined for the big time.”

And she’s destined for the big time

And Jay was not wrong. De Armas was James Bond’s new Bond girl in ‘No time to die, ‘and now she will replace nothing but the incredible Scarlett Johansson.

De Armas doesn’t seem like a bad choice. Based on multiple interviews and press conferences for ‘Knives Out’, the chemistry between the Captain America actor and the Cuban actress is impeccable. De Armas also has a similar interest in working in action movies – Apple TV made the right choice with this one, as Johansson and De Armas are both gorgeous and formidable actors.

Ana De Armas is currently working on a biopic based on the novel by Joyce Carols Oats, ‘Blond. ‘ About Marilyn Monroe, De Armas will play the iconic Hollywood bombshell.

By Ana Cobo

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