Avengers just gave a fan-favorite X-Man a new superhero codename


As Tony Stark continues to provide the Avengers with custom armor, a longtime X-Man gets his own new costume and a new superhero nickname.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Avengers: Tech-On Avengers # 3, on sale now at Marvel Comics.

The Avengers found themselves on the defensive after one of the Marvel Universe’s most notorious supervillains, the Red Skull, won the Shards of the Infinity Gems. Using his newly acquired omnipotence to transform into a monstrous overlord and rob superheroes of their powers, the Red Skull gave himself the edge as he prepared to conquer the universe. And as the Avengers rally for an inevitable rematch, they’re joined by a familiar X-Man who has since created a new superhero moniker, Sunfire.

To make up for the loss of powers of many Avengers due to the machinations of Red Skull’s Infinity Gem, Tony Stark has constructed a range of Iron Man suits that are tailor-made for his various teammates to harness their natural strengths and replicate their usual powers as much as possible. . This set of upgrades would come in handy during a skirmish against the Red Skull and its latest cosmic creation, a kaiju-sized facsimile of Venom, leading the Red Skull to create a monstrous vision of Loki to strike the Japan. And in Avengers: Avengers of technology # 3 – by Jim Zub, Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz and Travis Lanham of VC – the Avengers call in their own armored reinforcements to fight against this false god of mischief.

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Sunfire Avengers Tech-On 1

Despite being a fake Loki-like construction created by the Red Skull, this foe possesses all of the Norse god’s signature talent for magical cunning – including a full set of menacing doppelgängers. In order to turn the tide against this false god, Sunfire arrives at the scene, wearing his own set of rigged armor designed by Stark, capable of replicating his fiery powers. Dispelling the fake Loki with a contained hell emanating from his armor, a victorious Sunfire reveals himself to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes before announcing that he has renamed himself Battle Fire to better suit his armored appearance to it. ‘to come up.

Shiro Yoshida was one of the mutants considered to join the X-Men when the original roster was captured on the living island of Krakoa, but he declined the invitation and remained in Japan as his superhero Sunfire. in place. Sunfire would continue to occasionally aid the Avengers and X-Men while keeping her roots in Japan over the years before suddenly losing her mutant powers after the events of the crossover event. House of M before being temporarily transformed into a Horseman of the Apocalypse to regain his powers. Shiro admits to the Avengers that his powers continue to change throughout the Dawn of X era, leading Stark to design the Battle Fire armor to allow him to continue his superhero activities in the defense of Japan.

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Sunfire Avengers Technology

While the Battle Fire nickname is unlikely to last any longer than the Tech-On Avengers comic book mini-series, it gives Sunfire a welcome return to the spotlight and a fan-favorite moment against a Marvel Cinematic Universe supervillain. Sunfire has had a particularly turbulent history over the past few years, and Shiro’s return brings a sense of justice back to a character with a somewhat convoluted backstory. And with a frustrated Red Skull deciding to give another classic MCU character his own twist as he ramps up his plans for total domination, the inclusion of Shiro in the team could give the Armored Avengers the edge they’ve got. need to restore reality once again.

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