Batman confirms Nightwing is his son, not a “brother”


Batman just named Nightwing as his son, as his bond and appreciation for Dick Grayson continues to grow in the comics.

Warning! Spoilers for Night wing # 84 by DC Comics below

In a moment of somewhat rare emotion for Batman, the hero admitted that he would not let his “son” Night wing being killed in the same alley where his parents died. In Night wing # 84, the Dark Knight and the former Boy Wonder have teamed up again in Gotham City to fight the Magistrate. After the tense battle, Batman made sure to let Nightwing know that he wasn’t going to let his son suffer the same fate as his parents.

Nightwing is Batman’s greatest triumph, as Dick Grayson became one of DC’s greatest heroes after starting out as the first Robin of all time. While Batman and Nightwing haven’t always seen eye to eye and had explosions with each other in the past, Dick has proven to be more than worthy of Batman’s legacy. He recently made Batman proud of the way he handled his billion dollar legacy from Alfred, deciding to use it to make Bludhaven a better place by creating one of the “most important purely philanthropic foundations. and self-sufficient “. In doing so, Dick Grayson is using the money to make his home a better place for those who need it most.

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In Night wing # 84 of Tom Taylor, Robbi Rodriguez, Adriano Lucas, Wes Abbott and Bruno Redondo, Nightwing arrives in Gotham City to help the Bat-Family take on the Magistrate, the oppressive paramilitary regime currently trying to clean up the city in the name of “good “. Nightwing is tricked by the Anti-Oracle into going to Crime Alley, where he is attacked by the Magistrate’s forces. After being probed by his soldiers, Batman shows up and helps him escape. After educating Nightwing about the magistrate’s hold on Gotham City, Dick thanks Batman for helping him. Bruce Wayne responds by saying “I saw my parents die in that alley… I wasn’t going to let this happen to my son.”

Dick Grayson’s face says it all, as he’s surprised Batman is so candid about their relationship. But, given that the Caped Crusader’s entire existence as a hero is tied to Crime Alley, he was understandably moved by the potential of losing Dick in the same place his parents were killed by Joe Chill.

It’s really touching to see Batman calling Nightwing his “son”. Not that it’s particularly surprising that Batman sees it as such, but that he’s willing to admit it to him in such a loving way. Some readers see Batman and Nightwing’s relationship no longer as brothers, but at this point, the Dark Knight is confirmed that he considers Dick to be a son. It’s a sweet moment between heroes who have been connected in the comics for decades. Night wing # 84 is now in comic book stores.

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