Batman Vs Bigby reveals first winner of Dark Knight’s Fables showdown


Batman and Bigby Wolf of Fables fame just made their first showdown, and there’s a clear winner in their initial Gotham City showdown.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batman vs Bigby! A Wolf In Gotham # 1, on sale now

The characters of Fables are set to make a major comeback in the coming months, starting with one of the series’ main heroes – Bigby Wolf, the reluctantly redeemed Big Bag Wolf – heading to Gotham City. It doesn’t take long for him to find himself against Gotham’s most favorite resident – and for the two to end up throwing each other.

Bigby Wolf and Batman just got into a fight for the first time in Batman vs. Bigby! A wolf in Gotham # 1 by Bill Willingham, Brian Level, Jay Leisten and Lee Loughridge, and Batman takes a pretty solid victory over the Fables hero.

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Bigby Wolf – as a fable – is an inherently powerful figure, blessed with a long lifespan and incredible stamina. But in addition to these attributes (which are shared by just about every fable), Bigby stands out for his exceptional potency. His nature as the son of the North Wind gives him powerful control over the winds. He can take on both a massive wolf form (in keeping with his old role as the legendary big bad wolf) as well as a dangerous intermediate Wolfman form that is exceptionally useful in combat. Over the decades, Bigby has proven to be incredibly resistant to even the best-laid plans of ordinary humans (or, as the Fables call them, Mundies). But in Batman vs. Bigby! A wolf in Gotham, Bigby finds himself in Gotham City around the same time as a series of wolf murders takes place.

While investigating the crimes, Batman is able to notice that Bigby is watching from the rooftops. Batman ends up finding him after days of chasing him. Bigby is mildly impressed that the Dark Knight was even able to successfully follow him – and is even less prepared when Batman proves to be quick enough to land a few powerful punches on Bigby. Batman delivers a number of powerful punches, which aren’t enough to bring Bigby down. Instead, after putting some distance between them and assessing his opponent, Batman deploys a gas canister from his utility belt and knocks him out. By the time Bigby wakes up, he’s been dragged to the Batcave – and chained to the ground in a likely attempt by Batman to hold him long enough to properly investigate his connection to the murders.

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While Bigby isn’t that wounded in battle and seemingly taken more by surprise than anything else, it’s still a surprisingly effective victory for the Dark Knight. Given his experience, Batman was prepared for almost anything and acted that way – crushing Bigby and capturing him more easily than almost anyone had ever done before. While his trap probably doesn’t hold Bigby back for very long before the fable unleashes, it’s still a solid victory for Batman over an enemy he has no idea he’s so tied to the mighty forces of magic. . Batman is unlikely to be fully aware of Bigby’s real dangerousness, but given the type of enemies he deals with on a regular basis, it makes sense for him to take the offense to Bigby rather than wait for him to. take his first step.

While it’s likely the pair will come to blows again (given the series title) and Bigby will be better prepared not to hold back against Batman in their next showdown, it’s still a solid win. for Batman than most other figures, even in the storyline of Fables can attest to this – earning a solid victory over Bigby.

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