Batman: Who is Carmine Falcone?

The Batman finally made its way to theaters last weekend, bringing a reverential yet groundbreaking take on DC Comics lore. The film is full of precise comic moments and easter eggs, as its cast of characters are drawn into an increasingly complex enigma. Major spoilers for The Batman below! Watch only if you want to know! A character who ends up playing a key role in the film is Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), a mobster who is at the heart of the citywide conspiracy tied to the Gotham Renewal project. The character proves to be a formidable actor until his shocking death in the third act – a role that reflects his presence in the pages of DC Comics.

Created by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, Falcone debuted in 1987 Batman: Year One, as a mob boss nicknamed “The Roman”, who has the vast majority of Gotham’s public figures in his back pocket. This puts him directly in the crosshairs of Batman, who escalates his attacks to embarrass Falcone to the point of breaking into his home, stripping him in his underwear, and leaving him tied up. After this event, Falcone decides to have Batman killed, but is repeatedly foiled by him and Catwoman, and ends up getting into a mob war with his sister, Chicago mob boss Carla Falcone.

Falcone’s story was further developed in Batman: The Long Halloween, as Holiday Killer decided to get rid of the declining members of the large Falcone family. The series also delved into Falcone’s past with the Waynes, including when Thomas Wayne performed life-saving surgery on him at his home, as a young Bruce watched him from the rafters (a moment that’s directly lifted in The Batman). During The Long Halloween, Falcone hires a group of Batman rogues to protect himself, but ends up being killed by Two-Face. We also get more information on Falcone’s children – his son Alberto finally confesses to being the Holiday Killer, his son Sofia takes over the family business during the Dark Victory miniseries, and Catwoman finally reveals that she suspects he is. is his biological father.

The rebooted New 52 continuity later showed Falcone’s attempt to rise to power, but he was eventually stopped and reveals he was manipulated by Cluemaster. He then appeared again in the DC Rebirth continuity, as a small player from the “War of Jokes and Riddles” storyline.

Before Turturro’s performance in The BatmanFalcone appeared in the Batman: Year One and Batman: The Long Halloween animated films and several video games. His previous live appearances included Tom Wilkinson’s performance in batman beginsand John Doman in Fox’s Gotham TV shows.

The Batman now plays exclusively in theaters.

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