Batwoman Showrunner Presents Renee Montoya’s Debut


BatwomanSeason three is slated to debut in less than a week, bringing many new concepts and characters to the Arrowverse’s version of Gotham City. One of the most anticipated additions to the series could be Renee Montoya, who will be played by Victoria Cartagena, who has previously played another version of Fox’s character. Gotham. With Batwoman, Renee will step into the fold as a former Gotham City Police Detective who plays a part in Team Bat to recover the lost Batman Villain Trophies that were dropped on Gotham in the Season 2 finale. As showrunner Caroline Dries revealed in a recent interview with TV line, Renee’s version of the show will bring an interesting perspective to the entire series.

“She’s old school, and she’s been around, and she remembers Gotham from Batman and Gotham from Gordon,” Dries explained. “She knows things don’t end well when people get their hands on [the Bat trophies]. [Both Kate and Ryan as] Batwoman has done a great job of keeping the streets relatively safe the past few years, but Renee sees a storm brewing – and she’s terrified. “

Previously described as a former GCPD officer who left the department due to the GCPD’s treatment of marginalized citizens of Gotham. Montoya has been relegated to a paper push, now in charge of the “monster division” in the mayor’s office. Virtuous and practical, Renee is on a personal and enigmatic mission to clean up the streets of Gotham the right way by any means necessary.

“[Renee Montoya] and I have unfinished business, ”Cartagena tweeted shortly after the casting announcement. “So excited to join this new group of talented artists, writers and teams doing their thing here! They greeted me warmly! Grateful, humiliated, AF hype… “

Batwoman Also stars Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder / Batwoman, Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox / Batwing, Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton, Rachel Skarsten as Elizabeth Kane / Alice and Meagan Tandy as the role of Sophie Moore. New cast members also include Robin Givens as Jada Jett, Nick Creegan as Marquis Jett and Bridget Regan as Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy.

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Season 3 of Batwoman will premiere Wednesday, October 13 at 9 / 8c on The CW.

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