Black Clover Flashback Reveals New Look at Yami’s Past

Black clover revealed a new take on Yami’s past with a choice flashback in the new chapter of the series! Black Clover has given fans a glimpse into the pasts of many of his characters, and this has been especially true for the Black Bulls team, as we’ve seen how each of them have been recruited by Yami in the past. While we know a lot about the team, we actually don’t know much about Yami himself. We have had a glimpse of its past in the previous chapters, the most recent chapter looks the best yet.

The previous chapter of the series surprised fans by finally bringing Yami back to the series after being captured by Zenon Zogratis and taken to the Kingdom of Spade to be sacrificed for the Advent ritual of Qliphoth. With Yami’s return to the series, fans are also treated to a new look at his past that shows not only what it was like for him to join the Magic Knight teams in general, but what it was like to join the Magic Knight teams in general. bringing together the ill-suited Black Bulls team in the way fans know it as today.

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Chapter 313 of the series opens by stepping back far into the past as Yami discovers that his spellbook is for dark magic. This made him an outcast of the kingdom of clover, and it was further exacerbated by the fact that he was already an outsider in the kingdom. That was until he was approached by the Wizard King (who was interested in Yami’s unique magic) and joined the squads. He then meets all of the other captains and each of them has their own reactions to young Yami and he soon forms a closer bond with Nacht’s brother, Morgen.

As seen previously, it was Morgen’s death that inspired Yami to form his own team (and start smoking), and it was here that he was inspired to form a team that would host misfits and strangers like him. He wanted to become stronger to watch over them, and as evidenced by the emotional reunion they all have with their captain during their big rescue, he’s certain he made that dream come true. But what do you think?

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