Black Panther just left the Avengers and his replacement is a former villain

Black Panther is no longer a member of the Avengers. After being a founding member of Marvel’s flagship team, T’Challa decided to part ways with the group in the latest issue of avengers. Stranger still, the character was then replaced by a character who recently played the role of a villain.

The King of Wakanda was determined to find Mephisto and bring him to justice, except the events of the character’s solo series prohibit him from doing so. Since this iteration of Nighthawk was created by Mephisto and former SHIELD agent Phil Coulson – ah, from the comics – Black Panther chose to trust Nighthawk with all the current information he had.

Could Hyperion and Power Princess be close behind?

“The new Squadron Supreme of America has been a big part of my Avengers run almost from the start, and it all led to this,” Aaron previously said of his take on the Squadron Supreme. “As militant nationalist and government-sponsored heroes operating out of Washington D.C., they’ve been calling themselves ‘America’s Mightiest Heroes’ for some time now. In Heroes Reborn, they become so much more. In this world where the Avengers never formed, the squadron are now and always have been Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”

He added: “So you’re looking at a Marvel timeline that happened in a radically different way. When Galactus first came to earth, it wasn’t the Fantastic Four who were there to face him. When the green goblin threw someone to death off the george washington bridge it wasn’t spider-man screaming when a civil war tore the marvel heroes apart it wasn’t iron man and captain america beat at its center. Heroes Reborn immerses us in the middle of a world where the Marvel landscape has been radically recast and reshaped, in ways that I think will be surprising.”

Some time later, a Kyle Richmond finally found himself a member of the Avengers.

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