Black Panther’s Namor Marks a Major Moment in Marvel History

“It’s like jumping rope,” Moore says. “You try to jump in there. When is the right time? You want to make sure, especially when it’s a character of that importance, that they’re given a real moment, and that they don’t feel like they’re being introduced with a bunch of other ideas… This n It’s not a character that you can pop with a bunch of other people. He asks for more history because he is so interesting.

The producer adds that introducing Namor to the world of Wakanda was an idea sprouted by Black Panther director Ryan Coogler, even as post-production on this film was in its final stages:[Coogler said]”We have to find a way to put these two great civilizations at odds with each other.”

Even though Coogler, co-writer Joe Robert Cole, and Marvel mastermind had to pivot to a different storyline to wakanda forever following the shocking and tragic death of Chadwick Boseman, Namor has remained an integral part of the narrative throughout.

But while Coogler wanted to incorporate classic elements of the character, such as his ankle wings and ability to fly, he also saw an opportunity to reconfigure the sub’s origin story.

“We were constantly negotiating what makes Namor Namor,” says Coogler. “But also, how does he work for the movie we’re trying to make? He had to be the right antagonist for this movie. He had to feel part of this world that we built on the previous film. So it took a lot of work, a lot of thought. It was all intentional, but we were really happy with where we landed.

In the new take on the character, Atlantis (which is also a component of the DC Comics and Movie Universe via the Aquaman story) has become Talokan, an underwater civilization founded by original people. Maya who are forced to flee colonial oppressors and whose physiology is altered by natural elements that allow them to breathe, live and thrive underwater.

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