Black Widow Proves Avengers Unpowered Heroes Are Disrespected

Even though Black Widow has proven herself to be a valued member of the Avengers, one mission proves she and other non-powered heroes are disrespected

Even after Black Widow repeatedly proved to be an irreplaceable member of the avengersit seems the superheroes on the team still don’t appreciate the hardships she and other non-superpowered members have to endure – and a hilarious mission behind the scenes proves it.

Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow was part of the USSR-run and funded “Black Widow Ops” program, a program designed to turn young girls into elite assassins through brutal training. Black Widow quickly became the program’s top agent, and her skills were put to the test when she was sent to defeat the Avengers. However, instead of destroying them, Black Widow joined them, proving with each mission how essential she was to the team despite not actually having any superpowers.


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In Captain Marvel #7 by Kelly Thompson and Annapaola Martello, Black Widow works with Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel on a mission to take down Enchantress and her undead army in the epic crossover event The War of the Kingdoms. In the previous issue, Black Widow had a vision of how she and her fellow Avengers would stop Enchantress, and it hinged on the three of them being in a specific place at a specific time. So they drove through the Amazon rainforest to get there, stopping and camping along the way, as it was a significant distance from their current location. One night during their trip, Black Widow set off alone to gather firewood and something to eat while Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange sat around the campfire discussing a plan of attack. While the two superpowered heroes were talking, Black Widow was shown in the background battling a crocodile – even being pulled underwater for a moment during the fight – and Strange and Danvers didn’t even notice her deadly struggle.

The Avengers don't respect non-powered heroes.

The almighty heroes were so busy discussing how to defeat the Enchantress and save Earth from Dark Elf invaders that they didn’t even consider the very real dangers of the Amazon for anyone more. sensitive to them. Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange wouldn’t consider something as insignificant as a crocodile as mortal danger since they are two of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, but for a normal human like Black Widow, a crocodile attack could very well have cost him his life.

Whereas Black Widow is a highly skilled assassin, she’s not invulnerable to very real threats from nature, which Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and most other Avengers wouldn’t consider dangerous at all – proving that the Unpowered heroes on the avengers are disrespected because the challenges they have to endure seem like nothing to those with superpowers.

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