Bo Burnham is also officially part of the DC Universe.


In a new issue of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad, it has apparently been confirmed that comedian Bo Burnham exists in the DC Universe thanks to Ambush Bug.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad # 7

Thanks to the latest issue of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad, it was revealed that the comedian Bo burnham apparently also exists in the DC Universe. In the issue, Task Force X gains a brand new member, and it’s none other than the bizarre ambush bug and breaking the fourth wall. Trapped on an island simulation of Waller’s own making before teleporting them to Hell for their next mission, Ambush Bug gets a chance to introduce himself while also referencing Burnham’s work and one of his hilarious songs. from his most recent Netflix special.

In Suicide Squad # 7 from writer Robbie Thompson and artist Eduardo Pansica, the team are still reeling from their latest assignment where it was revealed that their version of Superboy wasn’t actually Conner Kent, but was actually Match, a Bizzaro-esque clone of Conner who would have died years since. Instead, Waller had taken it and injected it with a serum to make it look and sound exactly like the real Conner Kent. However, new team member Ambush Bug is introduced and his awareness that they are all comic book characters allows him to reveal that they all had their minds manipulated by Waller.

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Either way, Waller soon subjects his team to a training program in their mock prison, requiring them to fight demons to prepare them for their mission to Hell. However, Ambush Bug is less interested in the fights and more in filming the battle on his phone. Plus, he hilariously sings a line from Bo Burnham’s song “Content”, one of the opening songs from his Netflix special “Inside” which is about the break the comedian took to create new content. , while ironically planning to return to work just before the global pandemic began (hence the special that sees him performing in one room alone inside his guesthouse). Additionally, it suggests that a version of Bo himself exists in the DC Universe.


Similar to the referential humor and self-awareness of Ambush-Bug as a comic book character, Burnham’s work is also incredibly self-aware, often containing analyzes, observations, and self-criticism of his own relationship with his audience as a performer. As a result, Ambush-Bug singing one of his songs is incredibly appropriate, so much so that one could imagine Bo as the perfect actor to play or voice Ambush-Bug to some extent for DC in the future.

Either way, Ambush Bug’s debut as the Suicide Squad’s latest addition to their ranks was pretty hilarious (especially with his notable jokes about the comics’ intentional synergy with James Gunn. Suicide Squad movie). However, his reference to Burnham is also quite fantastic, which suggests that a version of Bo potentially exists in the DC Universe in one form or another. However, given Ambush Bug’s knowledge of the real world beyond the comic book universe he lives in, maybe he’s just aware of real life. Bo burnham? Regardless, the reference and its implications are still pretty hilarious in this new issue of Suicide squad.

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