Brett Goldstein addresses bizarre ‘Ted Lasso’ theory Roy Kent is CGI: VIDEO


There are many conspiracy theories surrounding TV series plots.

For example, there is a popular spectacle theory breaking Bad is actually a prequel to The walking dead, built on the assumption that Walter White’s drug empire was also responsible for the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse.

So it was only a matter of time until the popular series Ted Lasso, who follows an American football coach who is recruited to coach a British football team, had a conspiracy theory following him.

This one is particularly strange.

The theory posits that Roy Kent, played by British actor Brett Goldstein, is in fact CGI – a computer-generated image. But before that theory could go completely crazy, Goldstein took to Twitter to stop the rumors.

In the video, Goldstein claimed that he is “a perfectly normal man who lives in a VFX house and does basic human things like rendering, buffering and transferring data.”

While making this statement, Goldstein made use of the iPhone’s animated / computerized head feature.

Goldstein is also an accomplished writer on the British comedy scene, writing and appearing in the film. Super bob as well as writing Catherine Tate’s Live Show alongside Catherine Tate.

He is also one of the authors of Ted lasso and the show Soulmates, which is slated for a second season.

We are happy to hear that such an accomplished actor and writer is, indeed, a perfectly normal, non-computer-generated human man.

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