Bruce Campbell Reflects on Sam Raimi’s Superhero Movies 20 Years Apart

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When Sam Raimi was confirmed to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessthe fans knew evil Dead star Bruce Campbell would not be far behind. The duo’s careers are inextricably linked, and Campbell has appeared in a cameo role in virtually every non-Deadite Raimi film.

These include the filmmaker’s three films Spider Man spectacular and Multiverse of Madnesswith Campbell now offering his perspective on what it’s like to work on Marvel blockbusters with the same director two decades apart in an interview with Collider.

“A Marvel movie is always tricky if you’re in it, because you never know if you’ll still be in it. As if I were Benedict Cumberbatch, I would be nervous about being kicked out of strange doctor, because it’s a big story. It’s really a mini-series, all these films. These are not individual films.

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We’re pretty sure they wouldn’t exclude Benedict Cumberbatch from strange doctor, though it would make more sense if applied to large team-up films that routinely leave characters on the cutting room floor. Campbell then pointed out how popular Marvel movies are, contrasting the much smaller movies. evil Dead fandom.

“I mean, fans of these Marvel movies, it’s an army of people. If I tweet something associated with it, like I should just wake up in the morning, do ‘Marvel,’ with a picture of me and people, they go crazy. Because there are so many Marvel fans. evil Dead the films have a good weak and strong pulse of a fandom. But you know, they are small and humble. Marvel is huge. It’s incredible. They’ve really kept it going for 20 years now, since Spidey, the original Spider Man. It’s a breathtaking race.

Sam Raimi could yet return to the MCU, so if he does, expect Campbell to be in the game again. evil Dead also promises to be an exciting year, with Evil Dead Rise hitting HBO Max in October. The comedy-horror will follow a reunion between sisters tormented by the discovery of a mysterious book that summons demons, with LA descending into anarchy along the way.

Campbell’s Ash Williams has now hung up his chainsaw and retired, but this interview hints that we should listen to a familiar voice played on a record…

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is available to stream on Disney Plus, and Evil Dead Rise arrives on HBO Max on October 7, 2022.

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