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A plane crashes on the way from Sydney to LA, landing on an unexplored island, leaving a group of survivors to fend for themselves. Sounds like “Castaway”, doesn’t it? Wrong. LostABC’s groundbreaking drama manages to reimagine the wheel stranded on a desert island, combining adventure, drama, science fiction and horror to produce one of the most captivating television experiences in years. Mystery abounds, dense like the forests of the island, not allowing viewers to miss a single second of action on Lost.



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Lost Season 2 DVD Top Charts

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September 14, 2006

Lost: The Complete Second Season – The Extended Experience is, as you might expect, number one on the DVD sales chart in its first week of release. The sales of the first day would have reached 500,000 copies.

TV-DVDs change both the way we watch TV and the way TV shows are produced. 24 received average ratings in its first season, but found its audiences on DVD. Shows that are serial in nature (meaning their plots are constantly evolving and it hurts the viewer to miss an episode) are particularly well suited for the DVD format. Watching shows on DVD is simply more enjoyable (and flexible) than watching them live.

I only watched 24 on DVD and I can’t imagine waiting a week between episodes. Sometimes you just want to hit the proverbial crack pipe and throw five or six episodes in one sitting. Lost fans buy the DVD to catch up ahead of the new season and Lost virgins are frantically catching up ahead of the season premiere on October 4.

And think about this: those sales don’t even count the hordes of people who rent DVDs from Blockbuster and Netflix.

-Oscar Dahl

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