Build your Marvel / DC collection for less with these superhero busts


If you are a Marvel or DC fan, these LEGO busts could be the next addition to your collection and they are now available at a lower cost.

The deal includes fan favorites Marvel’s Iron Man and Venom as well as DC’s Dark Knight, Batman.

Each of these busts contains a few hundred pieces and needs to be built, making them perfect for Marvel fans and model building enthusiasts.

We personally think these would make a great gift for any fan of the characters or as a personal treat and immersive challenge.

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Iron Man Helmet (-20%)

Iron Man is the much loved Avenger, his iconic mask is instantly recognizable and we think he would look great as part of any Marvel fan‘s collection.

This particular set contains a total of 480 pieces and is approximately 7.5 inches tall when completed, which means it’s no easy task.

When finished, you can proudly display your build with the sturdy base and nameplate.

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Venom Mask (14% Off)

With Venom: let there be carnage coming out soon, what better time to get started by diving into this creative project.

Venom is the alien symbiote that survives by bonding to a human host and giving it supernatural abilities.

His appearance is certainly striking and his large teeth and outstretched tongue are iconic.

This set includes 565 pieces which is the most on our list and we think this is a worthy project for someone looking for a challenge.

LEGO DC Batman: Batman Cowl (18% Off)

Batman is the beloved antihero and we think this striking bust of the iconic vigilante is worthy of any DC fan’s collection.

This set includes 410 pieces and we think this intricate build is a great way to get away from it all and accomplish something simultaneously.

This LEGO recreation will measure approximately 8.5 inches tall when completed.

If you are a dedicated fan who loves a challenge, why not grab all three and place them next to each other like trophies to show off your achievement.

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