Captain America leads the Steampunk Avengers in Dark Ages cover


Marvel’s Dark Ages series saw the Avengers adapt to a world without power, and now Captain America is leading them on a daring new mission.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Dark Ages # 2 and a little glimpse of Dark Ages # 4!

Even in a powerless world, there are still heroes, as Marvel is currently proving Dark times series, where Captain America and the survivors Avengers working to protect a world where electronics can be broken, but the human mind cannot. Currently in its second issue, the Tom Taylor and Iban Coello series eschews many classic post-apocalyptic fiction clichés to tell a story of hope and struggle, with Marvel’s most famous heroes reimagined for a world where l mankind is working to survive without modern technology, as seen in the new sleeve of Dark Ages # 4.

In Dark Ages # 1, Doctor Strange and a team of heroes faced off against the divine Unmaker. Though incredibly powerful, the Unmaker is still a machine, and the Sorcerer Supreme has therefore opened a portal to a dimension that emits a constant electromagnetic pulse in an attempt to shut it down. The attempt was successful, but Strange was killed, leaving the portal open to the Unmaker’s prison deep in the Earth. As electronics broke down, the world above paid the price – hospitals lost power, planes crashed and society collapsed, only to be resuscitated in a new form by its heroes.

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Dark Ages # 2 reveals that once the Avengers are able to organize themselves, they are creating a new golden age for humanity. Seven years later, Iron Man has adjusted to the serious injuries sustained at the start of the blackout, Black Panther has gathered the world’s greatest minds in Wakanda, and Spider-Man is the father of a girl powered by a spider. A new world is coming with new threats – namely the Apocalypse Brainwashing Army, which sends undead raids after humanity – but the Avengers have transformed to face them. From Iron Man’s steam-powered armor to Wolverine’s silver-tipped claws, the Avengers are not only pulling the world from the brink, but now committed to keeping it running, and the team is coming together in force on a blanket coming for Dark Ages # 4, created by artist Pete Wood and shared on Twitter by writer Tom taylor.

Taylor describes the team as coming together for a rescue mission in Europe controlled by Apocalypse. At the end of Dark Ages # 2, Iron Man was kidnapped by Mystique (who was disguised as a grizzled Steve Rogers) and forced to work on a machine that Apocalypse intends to use to commune with the Unmaker, awakening him to complete his terrible mission. It appears the team will be on a mission to bring him back, although some surprising members such as Vision and Miles Morales (who is part of the Apocalypse team in the current story) are raising questions about the events of Dark Ages # 3. Of course, comic book covers tend not to be totally literal, and it’s possible that Miles will still be an antagonist when the real issue hits in January 2022.

Dark times showcased Tom Taylor’s craft skills What if…? alternate worlds style, taking a seemingly dark premise and exploring both the good and the bad of a world without power but in the care of true heroes. One of the highlights was how Captain America and the Avengers have adapted – visually, tactically and emotionally – to these new challenges, and Dark Ages # 4awesome cover art promises to send the team on a new adventure, deep in enemy territory.

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