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“I wanted to meet Captain America west wing over all,” What if… executive producer and head writer AC Bradley said today on Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast.

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“I wanted the walk-and-talks, the full Aaron Sorkin treatment,” Bradley tells us. “Who was the Josh Lyman literally?” Who would be the CJ Cregg? We have played with it for ages. It was something we used to do on beers, me and [writer] Mast [Chauncey] because we are huge heads of Sorkin. But that’s the one that hit the cutting room floor or the idea room floor. It’s a great talking episode, there isn’t a lot of action.


Hero Nation spoke with Bradley about how the first animated MCU series was built, how it harmonized and completed the larger MCU, and when she found inspiration from the original. what if comics and when the writing team just changed completely. For example, this week’s episode, “What if … Thor was an only child?” Was born out of a comedic oasis following more serious episodes like “What if … Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands?”

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“It’s because we’re going to do something fun and stupid; one of the mandates for this one is that we’d love to have a Thor vs Captain Marvel fight. How do we get there? ”Bradley tells us.

Celebrate Thor in Marvel Studios’ What If …

“What if the comics ended abruptly and very dark to prove that the main timeline is the best timeline. We used that as a reason to shorten the stories a bit. All of these episodes could have lasted 45 minutes. Some of the animatics were 35 minutes long, but due to the animation and Covid we cut them a little shorter than we would have liked, ”she adds.

“While we stayed true to the comics in this way, we couldn’t pull off a lot of original storylines because the mandate was to use the MCU characters. For Marvel ‘Zombies’, we went back to the original version and pulled some of the storylines out of it because it was so much fun and it’s a huge cult classic. So when it comes to tailoring, you pick the best parts, but you can’t show off every moment.

Bradley discusses season 2, what if What if… bridges to the next Marvel movies Spider-Man: No Path Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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