Captain Carter never wanted to be famous

All Captain Carter wants is to try to master the modern age, and becoming the biggest celebrity in the world has ruined everything.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Captain Carter #1, available now from Marvel.

Since bursting into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Carter has captivated fans with her explosive adventures and impeccable wit. Now, she’s jumped to the comic book page thanks to her own self-titled series. This time around, Captain Carter found herself playing the role of both a super-soldier and a woman out of time. Even worse than being incredibly anxious in a time she doesn’t recognize is the fact that she can’t find the time to settle into her new surroundings, even if it didn’t depend on her. her in the first place.

After being frozen in the Arctic for decades, Peggy Carter was finally found in the pages of Captain Carter #1 (by Jamie McKelvie, Marika Cresta, Erick Arciniega and VC’s Clayton Cowles). Of course, the original Super Soldiers’ return has created a great deal of international intrigue, especially when his return itself is shrouded in the scars of the past. Despite the political posturing that has surrounded her return, the captain herself only wants time to acclimate to this new life before stepping into the spotlight. Sadly, that hardly seems possible after Peggy is forced into action during a daylight attack on civilians by Hydra agents. Now that her face is out there, Peggy has no chance of finding any semblance of normality, and her greatest strengths are quickly becoming her worst nightmare.

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It’s not just that Peggy Carter would rather adapt to the modern age before taking on the role of one of its biggest celebrities, but rather that she never wanted to be a public figure, to begin with. . At least not in the direction it is currently heading. In fact, Peggy doesn’t even consider herself particularly great when it comes to her past exploits. For her, her heroic actions were only possible because of the hard work of her allies in war. The idea that she will be seen as some sort of singular force for good is anathema to everything Peggy has come to believe in, as well as everything she’s ever accomplished.

The way things are going, Captain Carter won’t really have a say in her becoming a celebrity icon despite all the help she’s received. Not only has her government effectively decided how it will make her the nation’s next unifying figure, but the press has already turned up in droves at her doorstep. Besides this upheaval of the meaning of normal life that Peggy had found, it will also make it all the more difficult to complete the missions that await her. For someone so dedicated to serving the greater good and protecting the innocent, being hounded by paparazzo and reporters is the last thing Peggy could ask for.

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There’s also the matter of her newfound celebrity status which makes Peggy’s future all the more uncertain. On her return, she had happily settled into a small flat in a familiar part of London. This decision is obviously one that Peggy will have to backtrack on, forcing her even further into the kind of isolation that is also not what she had hoped for. It seems that no matter what Peggy does, she will always be sought after as a public icon or a military asset. Hopefully, she can find a peaceful existence outside of these extremes. That is, assuming she survives the dark threats that forced her out of what could have been a comfortable, quiet lifestyle.

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