Captain Marvel Just Proved Thor Is What If…? false insult

In What If…?, Thor comes face-to-face with Captain Marvel and constantly heckles her. However, a new comic has proven him wrong over an insult.

Warning! Spoiler for Captain Marvel #37 and What if…? ahead!

Although Thor and Captain Marvel are comrades avengersthey often disagree, as seen in the mcuit is What if…? series. Not only do they hurl insults at each other, but Thor and Carol physically test their power as well. Their relationship in the episode “What If… Thor Was an Only Child?” more accurately describes the influence of Chris Hemsworth and Brie Larson on the characters, although the heroes still often clash in Marvel Comics, which is evident in Captain Marvel #37.

Thor and Captain Marvel have comparable power levels. Due to their corresponding strength, fans often wonder which Avenger is stronger. While the parallels between their energy-based powers give fans some fun guesswork for battles, their personalities have recently kept them on opposite ends of the Marvel Universe. Thor is often a noble warrior who strikes down monstrous foes, while Carol is ultimately a human with Kree-based gifts. On the other hand, the MCU casts Thor as a party-loving prankster while Carol plays the role of a more stoic hero.


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After Carol Danvers, her double from Binary, and Monica Rambeau’s latest adventure in Kelly Thompson and Julius Ohta Captain Marvel #37, heroes need relaxation. It’s Carol’s idea to take the team to Las Vegas to party at a club – the exact thing Carol scolds Thor for in the What if…? episode. In “What If… Thor Was an Only Child?”, he calls Carol a “party animal” for wanting to end the festivities and send the aliens, monsters, and Asgardian invaders away from Earth. However, in the comics, Carol proves herself to be the complete opposite of a “party animal”, taking her entire crew to Las Vegas and joining other characters, like She-Hulk and Spider-Woman, at a club. dance.

Captain Marvel parties in Las Vegas.

At the Vegas party, Carol leans over to Monica and says: “At least we blend in here! Carol’s funny decision is no doubt the result of the new binary duplicate she created. At Kelly Thompson and Sergio Davila Captain Marvel #34, Carol transformed a massive amount of energy into a life form while mining her memories during the Brood experiment, resulting in Binary. At first, Carol’s binary clone couldn’t even speak, but later comics give Carol the chance to show a more caring and nurturing side. Even though Carol’s heart has obviously hardened following her transition from Ms. Marvel to Binary and then Captain Marvel, it’s clear that her character is once again going through changes. Teaching Binary the values ​​of being a superhero, Carol relearns to open her heart like she once did during her tenure as Ms. Marvel.

It’s impossible to consider Carol Danvers a “party girl” after reading Captain Marvel #37. ThorThe MCU comic character is clearly influencing the What if…? history, but it is unfair to judge Captain Marvel of this episode or even the mcu only. Carol has a long and complicated comic book history. She’s not naturally a “party girl”, but she’s not the most sincere Avenger Is; like most Marvel characters, she goes through human experiences that periodically reshape her.

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