Captain Marvel’s Gruesome New Trick Puts The MCU Version To Shame

Captain Marvel’s New Power reimagines a classic MCU moment – but makes Carol Danvers’ movie version hilarious.

Contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #40!

The new power presented by Captain Marvel shows his true potential as a superhero – and, at the same time, makes his variant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seem hilarious by comparison. Carol Danvers is widely regarded as one of the most powerful superheroes in current Marvel continuity, and she continues to demonstrate her power in the comics and films. But Captain Marvel #40 proves that Carol is powerful enough to outright destroy her own prison from within – but Captain Marvel’s MCU version of the same scene isn’t quite as strong.


In current comic book continuity, Carol Danvers has huge issues with the magical community. In order to prevent a dystopian future ruled by Ove (the son of the Enchantress and Atlantis warrior Namor), Carol attempted to learn magic from Doctor Strange – but when the Sorcerer Supreme denied her request, she decided to Take the things over control. and learned from the Enchantress herself. His battle with Ove ended with Carol removing the villain’s ability to do magic…which, in the magical community, is the worst possible crime and can even be considered a fate worse than death.

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In Captain Marvel #40, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Alvaro Lopez and Juan Frigeri, Captain Marvel is tested by the magical community in which she is placed in a fantasy simulation. She repeatedly fails the simulation – until she realizes she is one. “These gauntlets have been with me since I arrived here…maybe they are the equivalent of handcuffs?” she reflected. She decides to increase her power output and burn them – and though she succeeds, she also burns her forearms, leaving only blistered bones and scraps of skin. This is strongly reminiscent of a classic MCU scene from the end of Captain Marvel – but the film lacks a crucial element.

During her second audience with Supreme Intelligence, Carol’s power limiter on her neck is burned out of sheer willpower. However, the audience never gets a sense of the power of the Great Intelligence, making Carol’s power difficult to measure. By contrast, the comics court is presided over by Agatha Harkness, the Enchantress and the Scarlet Witch: characters that Marvel loyalists know quite well. Carol even acknowledges that burning the handcuffs is quite painful; it is a test of endurance as well as willpower.

Captain Marvel eventually escapes from her prison, but the verdict has not been rendered. The trial was not meant to determine Carol’s guilt, but her value as a person and a superhero. Whether Captain Marvel can break out of a magical prison using only her willpower (even when she has no magical abilities), so the magical judges of the Marvel Universe should consider the test passed – for now.

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