Captain Marvel’s replacement has a problem Carol never had

Marvel Comics’ new Captain Marvel has a big problem that Carol Danvers never had, which makes things difficult for the hero.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel #38 by Marvel Comics

Marvel is new Captain Marvel the replacement learns to become a hero similar to Carol Danvers, but her fellow heroes quickly discover that Binary is still woefully underprepared for the role despite her incredible powers. In a new preview of Captain Marvel #38 of Marvel Comics, Spider-Woman teams up with the energy form Carol created. However, she realizes that even with Binary’s extraordinary abilities, the new hero has a problem with Captain Marvel: she has no idea how to function as a living being.

Captain Marvel is missing from her ongoing series, as she’s been teleported off-world as Carol Danvers awaits trial for her crimes against magic. On Earth, the superpowered sentient energy form she created named Binary, which helped eliminate Vox Supreme, replaces her in her absence. As Captain Marvel’s friends and fellow heroes search for her, Binary is tasked with replacing her creator. But readers quickly discover the fiery heroine’s biggest problem, as she still has a long way to go before she can be considered a suitable replacement for Captain Marvel.


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In a new preview of Captain Marvel #38 by Kelly Thompson, Juan Frigeri, Alvaro Lopez, Jordie Bellaire, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, the sentient energy form, Binary, is doing its best to replace Carol Danvers after her sudden disappearance. Spider-Woman finds Binary rescuing a cat stuck in a tree, wondering if that’s the best they can do. Jessica Drew tries to explain to the curious new hero a bigger problem to solve, which leads Binary to ask her what she should do. Unfortunately, the conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a giant monster as the two heroes go on the offensive.

Plus, a preview page shows what Captain Marvel is up to, as she receives a warning from her alien friend, Ravka.

Binary’s existence was entirely accidental, as Captain Marvel created the sentient being while trying to use her powers to free herself from a near-death experience. But, with Binary being forced to replace Carol Danvers on Earth as they search for the longtime Avenger, she has the major problem of still not knowing who or what she is while wrestling with basic concepts that even the children would know.

As powerful and eager as Binary is, her child-like knowledge of the world and how it works makes her much harder to replace Captain Marvel right now. Can Binary understand the world around her in a flash? Or will his lack of real-life experience come back to haunt Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Leaning on someone who knows so little about her surroundings can create a significant problem when she needs it most. Readers will know more when Captain Marvel #38 is in comic book stores Wednesday.

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