Chainsaw Man Explains How Many Humans Are Killed By Demons

The world of Chainsaw Man is gruesome, with blood and guts involved in nearly every battle. While Tatsuki Fujimoto’s story took a break after the conclusion of its first part, the second chapter of Chainsaw Man came in strong. Now, a startling statistic has arrived thanks to the latest installment of the manga series, revealing how many humans are regularly killed by demons in this fictional world. Needless to say, this might shock readers.

Warning. If you haven’t read the last chapter of Chainsaw ManChapter 101 you might want to stay away from as we are about to dive into some serious spoiler territory.

While Asa made a deal with the War Devil after his death at the hands of a classmate, the young student now seeks Denji for revenge, but why the War Devil has an ax to grind remains a mystery. mystery. While joining his school’s “Devil Hunting Club”, Mitaka is privy to a political speaker who breaks down the truly disturbing facts regarding the number of people dying at the hands of demons:

“At this moment, about twenty people have stopped to listen to me. Of these twenty, only five will die of old age. Of the others, five will die of disease. One will die in a traffic accident, one will die of homicide, and one more will commit suicide. The other seven will all be killed by demons. Seven out of twenty lives are brutally snuffed out by demon attacks! Make no mistake! Humanity is at war with the demons!

Of course, while this speech is unfolding, Asa encounters a devil that looks quite similar to the Bat Devil, one of the series’ first “big bads” that Denji teamed up with Power to fight against. Unfortunately for Mitaka, the War Devil explains that they are not currently at a level where they can defeat this horrible goliath.

If you want to read this chapter now, and for free, you can dive in here.

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