Chapter 321 of “My Hero Academia” is not coming out this week; New arrival date and spoilers



  • Deku continues to run away from his friends
  • Class A wants to bring Deku back to the academy
  • Chapter 321 of “My Hero Academia” is postponed to August 1

Deku’s friends aren’t ready to give up on him as the threat from All For One and the League of Villains remains looming. However, Deku wants them to go because he wants to fight the bad guys alone.

Chapter 321 of “My Hero Academia” will not be released this week. Manga Plus has confirmed that the new chapter will be released on August 1.

In chapter 320 of “My Hero Academia,” Ingenium noted that when Deku focuses on something, he goes out of his way to finish the job.

Bakugou told Deku that they heard about how he unlocked the powers of the fourth and sixth users. Plus, he commented on how different Deku is now.

Deku thanked his friends for coming, but he didn’t want their help. The hero activated the sixth’s smoke screen as a diversionary move to slip away.

Bakugou shouted to his classmates that they couldn’t let him go. He attempted to stop Deku using the Land Mine Blast attack.

Anima used her Quirk to ask the birds to stop the hero. He mentioned that Nezu was ready to bring Deku back to the academy.

Deku used the Black Whip to escape but Sero pulled out his Tape Quirk to grab his friend. Elsewhere, Jiro launched the Heartbeat Wall attack on Deku.

Jiro reminded him of how he had helped him organize his notes and gave him tips for the School Festival. Jiro said he couldn’t forget Deku’s help. Ojiro appeared and grabbed Deku using the Tornado Tail Dance.

Like Jiro, Ojiro also reminded Deku of the good old days and their friendship. Amid all these attempts to stop him, Deku kept telling his friends that he couldn’t go back because he would put everyone in danger.

All For One, Shigaraki, and the League of Villains were desperately trying to catch Deku and get his One For All Quirk. All For One had focused all of its energy on capturing Deku to accomplish its mission.

Towards the end of the chapter, Froppy appeared and told Deku that he can be a comic book superhero and do whatever he wants, but they’ll never leave him.

The “My Hero Academia” chapters are available on Viz and Manga Plus.

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