Chris Evans already knows which actor he wants to play in a biopic

Chris Evans’ run in the Marvel Cinematic Universe made him an international movie star, but these weren’t his first superhero films. He played Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in two The Fantastic Four films when he was still in his early twenties, but these were not his first film roles. His interesting career cries out for a biopic, and Evans knows who he wants to cast in the lead.

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Movies of Chris Evans before and after the MCU

Evans’ first film role came in the 2000s family drama The new comers, but it was a small role. He didn’t have to wait long for a lead role.

After appearing in a Marilyn Manson music video, Evans starred in Not another teen movie in 2001, which performed well at the box office. Evans added The perfect score, Cellularand fierce people to his curriculum vitae before the first The Fantastic Four movie in 2005.

Evans appeared in 11 films between The Fantastic Four and the first Captain America in 2011. Acting in the MCU kept him busy, but Evans sprinkled in non-Marvel films such as snowdrops, play it cooland Gifted before acting in Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

Since End of GameEvans starred in Knives out and Light year. He’s had a long and varied career so far, and Evans has already cast the actor to star in his biopic.

Evans Casts Adam Driver To Star In Biopic During Puppy Interview

Anyone who follows Evans on social media knows two things: he’s not afraid to speak his mind and he loves dogs, so much so that he has his dog’s name tattooed on his chest. Her Twitter banner photo is a dog photo. Putting him in a room full of dogs during an interview probably wasn’t the best way to keep his attention.

One of the last questions Evans answered during an interview with BuzzFeed Celeb (via Youtube) was the one he would want to play in a biopic. He had little hesitation in nominating Adam Driver for the role, but he had difficulty casting the role of his brother, Scott.

“Let’s throw Adam Driver [and] see what he does! And who would I choose to play Scott? God, that’s a good question. I do not know; I think only Scott can play Scott.

Chris Evans on Casting His Hypothetical Biopic

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Evans and Driver have never shared a film set, so the latter would need time to prepare for the role. Scott Evans isn’t the only other role that should also be cast.

His parents and sisters should also appear. Evans and Scarlett Johansson are close friends who have acted in several films (The perfect score being one of them), and it would be difficult to tell the story of Evans’ life without Johansson. Then there is the rest of The Avengers actors, and possibly some of the women Evans would have dated over the years.

Upcoming Evans Movies

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With Light year, Evans plays Space Guards hero Buzz Lightyear. He will do a 180 and play the villain in Netflix The gray manbroadcast from July 22. Lloyd Hansen of Evans is the psychotic adversary of titular protagonist Ryan Gosling.

Evans has a starring role in Apple Films Phantomwhich IMDb lists as in post-production. Knives out and The gray man actor Ana de Armas co-stars. (Looks like we might have to choose de Armas in Evans’ biopic). He is expected to star alongside Dwyane Johnson in The Redand Evans and Johansson are expected to reunite in Project Artemisalso in pre-production.

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