Could Skaar join the Young Avengers in the MCU?

The She-Hulk The Season 1 finale was a delight in many ways – and one of its surprises was the introduction of Bruce Banner’s Sakaarian son, Skaar. After spending most of the season off-world, Bruce shows up at a family picnic to reveal that the reason he was called to Sakaar several episodes earlier was to retrieve Skaar and bring him to Earth. . Did Bruce have any idea of ​​Skaar’s existence before? Was the plan still to bring him home? We don’t know absolutely anything right now, and knowing Marvel, we’ll have to wait at least a year or two to find out anything.

Fans of Skaar’s comic book counterpart immediately noticed a drastic change in his appearance and demeanor, with the new Skaar appearing more understated than the original. Whoever this new Skaar is, he’s a departure from the Skaar we know. Could Marvel be grooming Skaar for a wildly different role in the MCU? Could he even join the Young Avengers as the resident hulk?

Skaar in the comics

Skaar, in a page in Marvel comics, reaches out and says: "Your old friend, Skaar.  You
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In the Planet Hulk and world war hulk scenarios, Skaar is the offspring of the Hulk and a woman named Caiera the Oldstrong. Skaar is conceived while the Hulk is on Sakaar, but when Caiera is killed and the Hulk returns to Earth to exact revenge on the people who did it, Skaar follows him and the two cause havoc. Check this character description from

[Skaar] grows abnormally fast, and without his parents to raise him, his rage grows too. Taken in by wild creatures, the child learns very young to kill in order to survive. Named Skaar, he was immediately proclaimed a prophet by some and a demon by others. However, he only cares about claiming his birthright – the old power.

Yeah. The Skaar from the comics is absolutely Not the kind of kid you would take to your family reunion in the backyard. And while the MCU’s Skaar probably has some daddy issues to deal with (oh, Marvel and his daddy issues!), Marvel is already signaling pretty loudly that he’s not the rage-filled monster that comic book readers know. Marvel is clearly going in a different direction with Skaar’s character.

The Young Avengers need a Hulk!

America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Hulkling, Noh-Varr, Kid Loki and Wiccan pose in a Young Avengers panel.
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Although no official plans have yet been announced, Marvel has been building a Young Avengers team since the start of Phase 4. So far, America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Kid Loki, Billy Kaplan (aka Wiccan) and d ‘other young heroes have already been introduced.

In the comics, the Young Avengers lineup includes Teddy Altman, aka Hulkling. Teddy is a half-Kree, half-Skrull shapeshifter who grew up on Earth. Unlike Skaar, Teddy is a decent, level-headed guy who has a committed relationship with Billy. There’s no sign of Teddy in the MCU yet, though he may appear in Secret Invasion Where Wonderssince these projects deal with the Skrulls and the Kree respectively.

But the MCU is much smaller than the Marvel Comics Universe, and it already has three active hulks. The addition of a fourth hulk could potentially make things quite cluttered and confusing for viewers. If Marvel wants a young hulk in the MCU, it makes a lot more sense to just go with Skaar or combine the characters of Skaar and Teddy into one.

But wait! The MCU NEVER changes its characters from the comics!

Oh, get outta here with that – you know they’ve played with characters before. Take, for example, Sylvie de Loki.

Sylvia (Sophia di Martino) from Loki.
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In the comics, Sylvie Lushton is a human who was given powers by Loki (or possibly created entirely by him) and then assumes the role of the Enchantress. Meanwhile, the character fans refer to as “Lady Loki” is Loki in female form. In the MCU, Sylvie is a variant of Loki from another universe. By naming this variant of Loki Sylvie, Marvel has effectively combined Sylvie and Lady Loki into one character. Whether or not you agree with this creative decision (and yes, the MCU’s treatment of gender fluidity is problematic), the fact remains that there are plenty of precedents for the MCU to combine, removes and streamlines the hundreds of superheroes he has to choose from. Marvel Comics Universe.

So, is the MCU continuing to build a Young Avengers team? Will Skaar be a member? Don’t forget there are release dates in Phase 6 with no titles attached yet, so we know a bunch of secret projects are still in the works. And when we are properly introduced to Skaar, whether in world war hulk or anything else, we can see that his personality fits in surprisingly well with the other young heroes on the big screen.

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