Cyclops has declared war on two of Marvel’s most powerful mutants

After Cyclops learned of the ethically gray actions of the Silent Council of Krakoa, he declared war on Magneto, Emma Frost, and the entire council.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for x-men #seven

Following his very public death, Cyclops has just officially declared war on Magneto, Emma Frost, and in fact the entirety of the Silent Council of Krakoa. The X-Men have been masters of death since the formation of their island nation, but in their latest issues, fans have learned there’s a limit to what they can do. The most important thing for the Silent Council is to keep mutant resurrections a secret from the world, and they will not allow their secret to come out, no matter the cost. When the mutant resurrection agenda was recently threatened with exposure, Cyclops took a quiet stance against the Silent Council, but now it looks like he’s about to openly revolt.


In x-men #7 by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz, fans are given details of Cyclops’ public death, showing how he was killed by Dr. Stasis of the anti-mutant organization Orchis. Previously, Stasis got his hands on Cyclops’ autopsy report after the hero died while trying to destroy the Mother Mold Sentinel. Now that Cyclops was back, Stasis was determined to kill him once more in an effort to expose the mutant resurrection agenda on Krakoa, though he wasn’t the only one willing to do so.

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After noticing a number of known deceased mutants during the Hellfire Gala, in addition to being aware that Cyclops had not returned from a space mission where he was presumed dead, investigative journalist Ben Urich began to dig into the idea that mutants were being brought back to life. After contacting Cyclops for comment, Scott became aware of these efforts, but chose not to tell the Silent Council lest they do something drastic to stop Urich from printing the story, and Cyclops was right. In x-men #7, Cyclops makes it clear that he believes Emma Frost wiped Urich’s mind of the idea of ​​mutant resurrections seemingly with the go-ahead from the Silent Council as Urich forgot all about the story soon. time after approaching Cyclops for comment. With this supposed revelation, Cyclops tells Jean Grey, “WWe may be in a war on two fronts. One with the Silent Council, and of course we have a much bigger problem…” At this point, Cyclops moves away from the ongoing threat of Orchis.

Cyclops has had his fair share of disagreements with the Silent Council’s decisions, as he has sometimes openly disagreed with Krakoa’s “mutant first” mindset. Cyclops has swallowed his opinions for the sake of the X-Men and the entire nation, but now it seems he can’t stand the Silent Council’s apparent corruption any longer. Once he realized that Ben Urich had lost his mind about the idea that mutants could be resurrected (especially after choosing not to tell the council about Urich’s story when he was approached to the first time by the reporter), Cyclops is apparently done playing it safe with the council. In fact, he now sees them as one of many potential enemies.

Magneto and Emma Frost are known to be the two main members of the Silent Council of Krakoa who bend ethical rules for the good of the nation. However, while these two are definitely involved in Urich’s recent memory lapse, the whole council is to blame, and Cyclops knows it. Cyclops is simply preparing for the worst since he only has suspicions of foul play so far, but those suspicions seem sufficient because Cyclops just declared war on Magneto, Emma Frostand the entire Silent Council of Krakoa.

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