Dakota North Was a More MCU-Friendly Jessica Jones

Although Dakota North never made it in the Marvel comics, she has the potential to take the place of Jessica Jones and Black Widow in the MCU.

The Marvel Universe has several powerful and prominent superheroines, with the legacy beginning with Sue Storm and continuing in the present day with young heroes like Kate Bishop and Kamala Khan. However, one character that has slipped through the cracks is Dakota North. With a rather stately name and a premise only tangentially related to superheroes, North quickly faded into Marvel Comics‘ background.

Despite this, the mystery-focused character was in many ways something of a predecessor to Jessica Jones, while also having some of the spy aspects of Black Widow. While these elements failed to give her any real stardom in the comics, Dakota North could finally rise to prominence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Who is Dakota North, Marvel’s Forgotten Detective?

Dakota North riding a motorcycle while aiming a gun

Dakota North debuted in its short-lived self-titled comic book series by Martha Thomases and Tony Salmons. None of these creators had a strong presence in mainstream superhero comics, with Salmons working more in the underground indie and alternative comics scene. This probably partly explains why the North Dakota book tried to avoid typical superhero storylines.

The daughter of a former CIA agent, Dakota North chose to give up her successful modeling career to become a private detective specializing in the seedy underworld of the fashion industry and its crimes. Fittingly, some series’ promos resembled high-profile 1980s fashion ads, bringing her closer to Jem and the holograms than the Avengers. the North Dakota However, the book only lasted five issues and since then she has randomly bounced around appearing in other street level characters’ books. These include helping Spider-Man protect his wife Mary Jane and dealing with Daredevil and Luke Cage in the 1990s. His last significant appearance was as a supporting cast member for Carol Danvers when she took on the role of Captain Marvel, but it didn’t last.

Despite Dakota North’s failure to make it a big part of the Marvel Comics Universe, she could become the MCU’s next big (or rather, little) thing. The Marvel Cinematic Universe desperately needs to focus more on street-level events, especially with many planned movies focusing on big concepts like the Multiverse. Likewise, while Netflix shows are apparently finally being recognized as canon, the MCU is unlikely to highlight all of these characters. This is where Dakota North could finally strike a pose.

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How Dakota North Could Replace Jessica Jones In The MCU

The similarities between North and Jessica Jones are quite uncanny. Both have ties to Luke Cage (and, to a lesser extent, Daredevil), are street-level characters, and are private investigators. However, they fulfill these roles differently. The Stories of Jessica Jones, namely the original A.k.a run from Brian Michael Bendis, rather dark and mature run. As bad as the show is, even it used watered down language and sexuality compared to the comics. Thus, a North Dakota A TV show could replace Netflix Jessica Jonesscratching a similar itch and moving away from some of the MCU tropes without being as crude as Jones’ show.

The spy and red hair also make Dakota North similar to the classic Natasha Romanoff Black Widow, another possible role for the character in film or television. A North Dakota the series could also replace the long past Most Wanted show, even involving Jessica Jones to some degree. However Marvel Studios chooses to handle it, it would be a guaranteed success in finally putting Dakota North on the map and stepping out of the shadows of its murky heritage.

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