Daredevil is released as tension builds over Marvel’s next big event

Daredevil # 36, the title’s conclusion for now, brings Matt Murdock back to his former status as tensions boil over Marvel Comics’ next big event.

daredevil frees Matthew Murdock from jail just in time for all hell to break loose in New York City.

Since the tenure of writer Chip Zdarksy and artist Marco Checchetto on daredevil started in 2019, they put Matt on the path to redemption. The street hero accidentally killed a man in the very first issue of the series and was sent to jail for the felony at the end of daredevil # 24 after pleading guilty to the charges against him. Since daredevil # 25, Elektra Natchios replaced Daredevil while Matt was serving his sentence in prison, but after the two shot Bullseye, a preview for daredevil # 36 reveals that the original Daredevil is free again.

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Matt’s current status change comes just in time for the upcoming Marvel Comics series and event, The reign of the devil. The event will plunge New York City into chaos as Mayor Wilson Fisk AKA the Kingpin fights all-out war against Daredevil and all the superheroes. Both the end of daredevil # 35 and the current preview show that New York’s heroes have already stood up to law enforcement to prevent Daredevil from returning to jail, with the teasing preview that the public and media are now wondering if “the super -heroes believe they are above the law “.

Based on an overview for The reign of the devil # 1, we know Matt will be returning to his costumed alter ego, with Kingpin giving him the option to avoid the chaos to come if he only reveals his identity to the villain. The next issue of daredevil Also set to feature Kingpin and Typhoid Mary’s wedding, a storyline that has gone wrong before. When Kingpin finally married Vanessa Marianna in the Netflix finale daredevil Season 3, their happy occasion was interrupted and ruined by Daredevil and Benjamin Poindexter AKA Bullseye, ending with Kingpin returning to prison.

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Whatever the outcome of Kingpin and Mary’s marriage, the problem promises to send Fisk to the warpath in The reign of the devil, while concluding the daredevil run for the moment. During the time that The reign of the devil is coming out however, there will be a miniseries centered around Elektra’s Daredevil –Daredevil: Fearless Woman–for readers to pick up as a link to the event. The preview and the solicitation of daredevil # 36 can be found below.

Both Daredevils - Matt Murdock and Elektra - are featured on the cover of Daredevil # 36.

A synopsis recaps the events of Daredevil before issue 36.


  • After a romance that has blossomed over the past two years in DAREDEVIL, MAYOR WILSON FISK and TYPHOID MARY are set to tie the knot! But in a way that truly befits The House of Ideas, calamity is just around the corner for the happy couple! But what sort of terrible find could be so monumental that it derailed the most powerful man on New York’s special day?
  • The answer is in this oversized special issue – if you don’t get another issue of DAREDEVIL this year, YOU MUST GET THIS ONE!
  • 40 PGS./Class T +… $ 4.99

News footage in New York shows tension rising against the city's heroes.

Daredevil (Matt Murdock) is released from prison.

Daredevil is greeted by Foggy Nelson and Kirsten McDuffie.

daredevil # 36 is written by Zdarsky with crayons by Manuel Garcia, inks by Cam Smith, Scott Hanna and Victor Nava, letters from Clayton Cowles of VC, and colors by Marcio Menyz and Bryan Valenza. The main cover was done by Checchetto and Matthew Wilson, with a cover variation by Dan Panosian. The issue goes on sale December 1 at Marvel Comics.

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