DC plugs in Peacemaker’s Suicide Squad spin-off in funniest way


DC Comics has found a hilarious meta-way to promote the upcoming Peacemaker streaming series on the pages of Suicide Squad.

Warning! Spoilers for Suicide Squad # 8 by DC Comics below

In a marketing genius for the next Peacemaker series on HBO Max, DC Comics has just promoted the show in the most meta way in the pages of the Suicide Squad # 8. In the most recent issue, Ambush Bug’s fourth-wall-breaking monologues on Peacemaker get his own streaming series and a possible spinoff comic – even noting the corporate synergy between the live-action projects. and DC comics.

Peacemaker first appeared in the Charlton Comics series Fight 5 and was acquired by DC Comics in 1983 alongside a handful of other characters. Peacemaker wasn’t exactly a household name, appearing in his own ’80s miniseries and playing a role in a handful of DC Comics titles. However, once John Cena was cast as the antihero in James Gunn The suicide squad, the character’s profile has grown like never before. Peacemaker will not only star in an upcoming self-titled HBO Max series, but was recently featured in the Suicide Squad comics as a key member of the team. Now DC Comics is referencing the hero’s upcoming live-action adventures in the comics.

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In this week Suicide Squad # 8 of Robbie Thompson, Eduardo Pansica, Dexter Soy, Julio Ferreira, Marcelo Maiolo and Wes Abbott, the Suicide Squad (led by Peacemaker) is tasked with bringing Swamp Thing to Amanda Waller. The head of Task Force X wants to use a bio-agent to cut the connection between the Swamp Thing and the Green and take charge of creating a monitoring network. As the team approaches Swamp Thing, Ambush Bug lets readers know what’s going on. In the monologue, he calls Peacemaker “the star of the big screen and soon streaming to a smartphone on your Earth? ”, Referring to his upcoming HBO Max series.

This is not the only reference from Ambush Bug to the next one Peacemaker series, such as after Swamp Thing removes the bomb from the Peacemaker’s neck, the fourth-wall-breaking hero wonders if he will “walk away” from his own ongoing series. Maybe something similar to an HBO Max series? slash-synergy will tell. “

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Much like Deadpool, Gwenpool, and a number of other comic book characters, Ambush Bug is aware he’s in a comic book. The meta-hero is also aware that Peacemaker is coming to TV screens soon. Thus, it represents a great way to reference Peacemaker upcoming HBO Max series, while still making sense in comic book canon. It’s brilliant writing by Thompson and one that synergizes the page with DC’s live-action properties. It’s a perfect promotion for Peacemaker series to come.

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