Deadpool 2 has the worst superpower in Marvel movie


Deadpool 2 introduces fans to dark mutants, but with it comes one of the worst powers in any Marvel movie.

Deadpool 2 took the humor and irreverence from the first movie and cranked it up to 11. As a result, the movie was bigger and even more faithful to the larger X-Men universe than it came before. There was also the introduction of new mutants and powers. Unfortunately, while some powers hit their mark, other abilities didn’t come in handy. One ability, in particular, was more problematic than it was worth, becoming the worst potency in the entire franchise and even other Marvel movies.

Characters like Deadpool can take the disgusting ability to heal and make it as practical as it is entertaining. Even after being torn in half, for example, Wade Wilson cannot die. Additionally, Domino can use his luck abilities to make everything around him work in his favor. But for every great ability, there is an equally terrible power, like Zeitgeist’s Acid Vomit. The character first appeared in X-Force # 116 and was the leader of another team known as X-Statix. Although he has all the assets to be an integral part of the team, Deadpool 2 makes him anything but.

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In Deadpool 2, Wade and Weasel set up auditions to see who has what it takes to join Wade on a dangerous mission to save his friend Russell. During the audition process, he meets several interesting mutants, including Zeitgeist. Speaking with Weasel and Wade, Zeitgeist exudes an air of confidence. He even offers to show off his powers, which implies he has a similar degree of control as in the comics. Movies and books haven’t measured how far it can throw up, but it is confirmed that it can burn most metals in seconds due to its high acidity.

Even though the power of Zeitgeist is a niche, it is promising. That being said, he seems to have less control over her in dangerous situations. During the film, Deadpool parachutes his team during a windy warning. The results are catastrophic, as each member of the team is killed one by one. Unfortunately, Zeitgeist finds himself caught in a wood chipper. However, when Peter, another member of the X-Force, enters to save him, the powers of the Zeitgeist take over and he vomits on Peter, taking his arm and killing him. Zeitgeist then plunges his feet into the shredder, sealing his fate. Even though the character appears to be in control and even wears a protective mouth cover, it’s not enough to keep his nerves in check and save him from some doom. As a result, it becomes even more evident that while acid vomit is a powerful tool, it is only effective when in good hands.

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Zeitgeist’s abilities may be the worst powerhouse in the Marvel movies, but X-Force always has its own finalist. Another character with an equally unnecessary power is Vanisher, who has the power of invisibility. Although it is ideal for stealth, its use in combat is non-existent. Vanisher couldn’t even use his powers in action as a power line killed him before he could hit the ground.

Deadpool 2 does a fantastic job of shedding light on the lesser-known mutants in the Marvel Universe. However, in doing so, some of the worst abilities come to light. While Zeitgeist’s powers have their benefits, his nerves make him more of a risk than a help. In stressful situations, he puts his teammates in danger and accidentally kills one, leading to his own gruesome end. By the time the credits roll, it’s clear that gaining the power of Acid Vomit is more of a punishment than a gift.

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