Deals: Get $200 in Samsung credit with Odyssey Ark 55″ monitor pre-orders

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Samsung’s 55-inch Odyssey Ark monitor is officially available for pre-order, with a bonus gift of $200 in Samsung Credit that can be used on add-on accessories.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is a wonder to behold, allowing users to immerse themselves in games and movies through the 55-inch curved display.

With a 165Hz refresh rate and 4K support, the high-end Odyssey Ark is designed for game consoles and computers. Flex Move Screen and Ark Dial let you adjust the screen position and ratio (16:9 > 21:9 > 32:9) quickly and easily for a personalized feel.

To unlock $200 free Samsung credit with purchase of Odyssey Ark screen, head to samsung and place your order during the pre-order period.

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