Did Choujin X just release his version of Moon Knight?

The following contains spoilers for Choujin X, Chapter 20 by Sui Ishida, Jan Cash and Snir Aharon, available in English from Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Choujin X Chapter 19 shook everyone to their hearts and left readers in a painfully exciting cliffhanger. To some extent, it was clear what the outcome of Azuma’s fight with Umezawa would be – but no one expected his body to be cut into pieces. Seeing Azuma’s condition like this, it’s really hard to say if he can come back from this fight. Even choujin would struggle to regenerate after such heavy damage and Azuma is merely human as far as we know.

Tokio, who was the reason Azuma came to fight Umezawa in the first place, has no idea what happened to his friend. When he learns, his rage almost gets the better of him, and in doing so, readers see just how dangerous Tokio could be later in the game. Choujin X. Towards the end, a mysterious choujin appears – and looks like another famous superhero.

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choujin x tokio discovers the body of azumas

Similar to Spider-Man’s spider-senses, choujin experience a tingling sensation when other nearby choujin use their powers. After the bloodbath of Umezawa’s fight, Ricardo rushes in while Tokio takes the opportunity to escape. Hoping that his choujin form would benefit him, he tries to fly; unfortunately, despite being a vulture-type choujin, no wings grow and he painfully crashes into his face.

Just as he is about to go home, Tokio smells like iron. It reminds him of when he injured himself on the swings as a child, making the scene particularly chilling with his use of irony: he doesn’t even consider it most likely to be from a fight. He follows the scent of blood to where Ricardo and Umezawa are and, hiding in a corner, he peeks out and sees a pair of legs and a few feet away – the top half of a very familiar body.

Ishida has used the theme of choice quite intriguingly in the last two chapters of Choujin X. The first was of Azuma arriving at a crossroads where a path leads to safety, while the other leads down another road that you don’t realize stopping at a dead end until it’s too late . That’s what happened with Azuma: he went to save Tokio, knowing that he might end up dying. On the other hand, Ishida used a pair of strings between Tokio’s mental rehearsals of “I’m going home”. No one had noticed it yet; Tokio might walk away but something is chaining him there.

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choujin x ricardos ability ricardo terror night goodnight daddy

Tokio’s rage and grief drives him to unlock a powerful rendition of his Beast Choujin. He attacks Umezawa and even when she activates Paper Trip – the same power as Azuma – it proves useless against Tokio, who activates his armor wings to act as both a shield and a weapon. Even through his anger, Tokio mourns the loss of his friend as evidenced by the tears streaming down his face as he fights.

Ricardo is the second choujin who Choujin X presented as having more psychological than physical abilities. His ability, known as Ricardo Terror Night ~Goodnight, Daddy~, allows him to assume the form his victim fears the most. For Tokio, it’s the sight of Azuma’s body, so Ricardo takes those fears and turns them into a deformed Sphinx-like monster. Tokio is so terrified that he turns back to normal.

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The shackle symbolism returns at the end of Chapter 20. A figure stands atop a building, silhouetted by a sliver of moonlight: Moon Beast, the newest choujin to be introduced. One cannot really discern who Moon Beast is, friend or foe. Moon Beast has a long scarf-like veil covering her face and something like heavy chains around her wrists.

Could this be Azuma’s choujin form? In some ways, that would make sense: Moon Beast’s appearance suggests they might be some type of choujin vigilante, and Azuma boasted they were just that. Moon Beast resembles Moon Knight, Marvel’s new superhero who is also a vigilante. Sui Ishida recently teamed up with Marvel to illustrate a piece of moon knight work of art, and that could be his way of referring to the collaboration. It’s unclear just how much of a crossover or similarity Moon Beast will have to the Marvel hero, but one thing is for sure: Moon Beast had one of the coolest entries ever. Choujin X.

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