Disney+ confirms delayed release date for Marvel Netflix shows overseas

As Marvel Studios expands the MCU both in theaters and on Disney+, fans also have a whole new library of material to enjoy on Disney+ thanks to six Netflix shows moving to a new home. Start with Charlie Cox daredevil and ending with Jon Bernthal’s The Punisherthese shows make one of Marvel’s darkest and most adult tales available to stream in the same place as Marvel Studios Adventures.

Even though the transition has come with some minor technical issues, having the Netflix shows on Disney+ has been cause for celebration as fans look forward to a future where their heroes are part of the larger story. . Stars from all six series took part in ads to promote their project on Disney+, sharing their excitement to see their work continue to impact the fan base.


Although most fans around the world have the opportunity to enjoy the full Netflix shows, there are a few occasions when certain projects take longer to stream on Disney+ in certain parts of the world.

That’s now the case with Marvel newcomers, as a recent report details where fans will have to wait to see. daredevil, Jessica Jonesand the rest of Defenders saga.

International delay of Marvel Netflix shows


Disney, via streaming insider Helison Medeiros and Murphy’s Multiverseshared a press release confirming that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and The Punisher will be available on Disney+ in the Netherlands on Wednesday, June 29. This will be delayed by more than three months from the March 16 launch of these Marvel Netflix series on the Disney streamer in the US and other regions.


Medeiros notes that this release date will likely be the same on Disney+ in other parts of Europe that don’t yet have these Defenders shows.

Unknown Reason for Netflix Shows Delay

This is certainly disappointing news for Dutch Marvel fans, and unfortunately it’s not the first sign of delays for this lineup in other parts of the world.

Disney+ Spain’s March slate didn’t include any of the Marvel Netflix series, meaning viewers can’t catch the shows with fans from the rest of the world. Even though these international countries will probably get the Defenders series on Disney+ at some point in the future, it’s a frustrating development nonetheless.


Navigating the rights of different streaming properties and where they can be streamed is a difficult undertaking on its own, especially with so many different streaming platforms now making a name for themselves. Hopefully, the behind-the-scenes issues will resolve in due course so that viewers around the world can take part in this historic move for Marvel properties.

Marvel Netflix shows are now streaming on Disney+ in most regions around the world.


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