Disney Should Edit Marvel Movies – Listen To Me


Much of the Disney + Loki TV show is all about the multiverse and the overall timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At this point, I have to warn you that I’m about to drop a few spoilers if you’re not all familiar with Marvel movies and TV shows. You should at least watch Loki episodes 1 and 2, Thor: Ragnarok, and the Avengers movies. Check out Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Wandavision for good measure. This is your second and final SPOILER ALERT.

The sacred chronology

In Loki Season 1, Episode 2: The Variant, we see what we assume to be a version of Loki in a warehouse setting up time bombs (“reset charges”) via portals that each lead to different points along of “The Sacred Timeline”, create many branches.

It was revealed in the first episode of Loki’s first season that The Sacred Timeline was staged in order to stop a “multiversal war” at one point by a set of three divine entities called The Time-Keepers.

According to an instructional video in the episode, the Miss Minutes character suggested that when events occur that do not correspond to the “proper flow of time,” a “link event” is created that “could go mad,” leading to another multiversal war. ”

NOTE: The next Doctor Strange movie is currently slated for release under the title “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness”.

Game of Thrones Cafe

When the final season of Game of Thrones was released, a Starbucks Cup appeared in one scene. Once the cup was discovered by the public and word spread, it was gone. Due to the way Game of Thrones has been and is distributed to viewers – hosted by HBO and streamed to viewers via the internet – it can be tweaked and changed on the fly.


Many comic book movies have a relatively high revoyability factor. When we talk about a movie like Thor: Ragnarok, we have action, comedy, visual candy galore. Marvel has a collection of movies that people are already watching and watching again – because it’s fun to do it.

Now, thanks to the time travel methods showcased by Ant-Man in Avengers and the Time Variance Authority in Loki, we have characters appearing at significant points in history – at times and places where they don’t. didn’t appear to be when we last saw events unfolding in previously released Marvel movies and TV shows.

Why this madness is good

As the correct flow of time changes, it opens doors to alternate realities and quirks that weren’t there during major events that have aired in movies and TV shows since the movies began. of comics here in our reality. Marvel and Disney have the opportunity here to change the way we watch movies and TV, thanks to Disney + and streaming content.

The Sacred Star Wars Trilogy

The Time-Keepers created The Sacred Timeline and TVA keeps said timeline in the right order, in the same way that fans of the original Star Wars trilogy try to keep the state of said trilogy sacred – as well as the rules and regulations. the results of events in said films.

Just as George Lucas decided to go back and modify the original trilogy to create Star Wars Special Edition – and subsequent cuts – Marvel and Disney can also modify the content of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

You and I already have Blu-ray hard copies of all of our favorite Marvel movies anyway, right? What harm could come from Loki appearing in the streaming versions of the Marvel movies as they now appear on Disney +?

It could be awesome

Disney could see a massive increase in the number of streaming subscribers to see the latest version of their favorite Marvel movies. Loki could be seen appearing in the background of pivotal scenes. We might see a reset charge appear just before a key moment in a movie, altering the content of the movie from that point on.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? It could end up costing Disney a lot of money to make something like this happen – but who better than Disney to do it? Disney has the money, after all, why not make it happen?

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